What possible side effects of removing 1 ovary_ or should i have both removed_ – ovarian cysts question i have menopause

Newbie here so I hope I’m doing this right….LOL I found out 3 years ago that I have 3 cysts on my right ovary. Average age of menopause in united states My gyne has been watching them closely via ultrasounds and CA125 blood tests because my mom had ovarian cancer 13 yrs. Menopause and bleeding after intercourse ago….alive and healthy!! My CA125 are within the normal ranges. At what age does a woman go through menopause Within the past year the cysts started growing a little bit. Hysterectomy and menopause mayo clinic He first suggested removing the right ovary only but after my last ultrasound suggested removing both but also wanted me to go see an oncologist gynecologist. Age of menopause I went to see the Dr. Menopause and fatigue forum that performed my mother’s surgery and a very high rated doctor. Menopause anxiety disorder I had an ultrasound done today and he called me to tell me that he does want to remove the right ovary for sure and gave me the option to remove both ovaries but not the uterus. Male menopause jokes The left ovary is healthy but given my history it’s up to me. Late menopause I am 47 and premenopausal. Symptoms of perimenopause at 38 I feel I should only have the right one removed so that I do not go into instant menopause as I already suffer from mild depression. Night sweats and chills menopause I am still trying to digest all this so any input would be appreciated. How long does menopause last after your last period I should add I have a very supportive husband and family and of course they are leaving the decision up to me. Weight gain and menopause stomach Thanks so much!

I had my right ovary removed in emergency surgery 5 years ago because a cyst caused it to contort and my ovary died and turned septic inside of me (most painful thing I have ever had happen)! Since then I haven’t had any change in my moods, I know for a fact that my left ovary hasn’t picked up for the other one and still only ovulated every other month, but when it does ovulate it very rarely releases the egg as I have severe PCOS and have been told I will need to use IVF when I decide to have children.

One side effect I have noticed over the years is severe weight gain and inability to lose weight, yes I eat healthy and exercise, I have the odd treat here and there like a cupcake or a pie but not as much as some people I know who eat crap everyday and are skinny (that used to be me until my surgery).

Has anybody else noticed this? I have tried everything, I lose about 10kg when severely dieting but while on that diet it will start to increase again and if I have just one day off then guaranteed within a week I will be back up by at least 5kg.

After the surgery I got a lot of stretching in my tummy from the swelling and they never considered putting a drain in to try help, and now my tummy is bigger than the rest of me and something I am having to save up a lot of money to get fixed via more surgery just so I look normal again and comfortable in my own skin..

I’m not sure the pain meds would cause your boobs to grow maybe worth speaking to your doctor as it could be your hormones. When menopause symptoms start I have had 3 operations in the last 18 months to remove many many cyst which keep getting bigger, some have ruptured which resulted in me having my right ovary and Fallopian tube removed.

What is menopause mean I now experience quite a bit of pain during inter cause that side which ive been scanned for and awaiting gyne appointment! When they scanned me recently they noticed that I have a large cyst again on my other side so I’m expecting another operation due to my history! However since having my right ovary removed I have become increasing down, I don’t even recognise myself or my irrational thoughts anymore. Average age of menopause symptoms Feelings of leaving my husband as I am not good enough for him. Starting menopause at 38 Cry loads not eating or sleeping properly! It’s been going on about 6-8 months now and I only opened up to my husband about this a couple days ago! He has been really supportive but I just don’t know what to do to stop me feeling so pants. Surgically induced menopause how long does it last Could it be more hormones with having only one ovary removed?? Or am I just losing my head?