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Why do so many middle-aged men make the move to Thailand? It’s a question often sniggered at by, well, those who are neither middle-aged nor living in Thailand. Start of menopause age So what’s with the stigma? Why all this grin-grin, wink-wink, nudge-nudge say no more, any time a man announces his excursion to The Land of Smiles? …

I’m writing to hit back at all those men-bashers out there. Emotional changes during menopause You know the type, the ones who never stop having a dig at middle-aged guys like me. Symptoms of perimenopause at 35 …

A friend of mine has gone from being a professional photographer, shooting film in England, to being a Digital Creative Director in New York City.

Age for menopause to start Alas that hadn’t saved him from his misery. Menopause in female Just a few days before his 50th birthday he was lying awake in an unfamiliar hotel room. Age menopause symptoms start It was around 4 AM when he reached the stark …

Actually, males don’t understand females at any age, but it doesn’t get any easier the older we become. What is menopause symptoms in women Boys are quite confused by girls and older men are even more at odds with women. Menopause bleeding between periods So it seems that as couples age together, the less they can relate to one another. Menopause breasts hurt As an older guy myself, it never ceases to amaze …

One of my all-time favourite sayings is that old English proverb: “A man is not old until his dreams become his regrets”. Late menopause longevity Being middle-aged and older does not mean an able-bodied man is past it! Unless of course he has resigned to the thought that his best days are well and truly behind him; resulting in little enthusiasm to try …

Husband abuse – that is wives who beat up their husbands – is a growing problem, especially among middle-aged couples that have been together for a good while. Managing menopause naturally with chinese medicine With so many jokes about how some of today’s women are becoming bigger and stronger than men themselves, this is one aspect of their increasing masculinity that’s just not funny! So what’s …

Dr Wayne Dyer once said: “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. Menopause irregular periods heavy Wise words indeed, but a man cannot think his way out of a seemingly hopeless situation, no matter how hard he tries. Female menopause symptoms uk The ‘fake it till you make it’ approach doesn’t alter the reality on the ground – so to …

Either the BBC documentary ‘The Truth about Exercise’, has turned what we thought we knew about keeping-fit completely on its head, or this is yet more research full of scientific claptrap! …

Hi, my name’s Andy Aitch, the webmaster behind this exciting project. Premature menopause causes Thanks for visiting the site. What is the average age a woman goes through menopause is continually being updated with topical content written by middle-aged men, for men of middle age. At what age does menopause start If you’re male and over 40, then welcome, you’re in the right place.

Sometimes, men fear a humdrum lifestyle with more monotony than variety to look forward to in the years ahead. Menopause skin changes However middle age treats a man, there is always opportunity to make life better by developing some simple mindset adjustments towards attitude and outlook on life.

If you can relate to any of the above, then you’re definitely in the right place. Age of the menopause Welcome to, a project inspired by the over 40s, for men of middle age everywhere.

Few men in their 40s & 50s would confess to symptoms of a midlife-crisis. Medical menopause endometriosis Less likely is a ‘manly man’ admitting to the world that he’s experiencing the male menopause (aka andro-pause), but it’s occurring nonetheless!

Not every middle aged man goes through a ‘silly period’ during this stage of his natural development. Menopause weight gain belly fat But every man, no matter who he is, or where he comes from, WILL face some unfamiliar challenges during his middle years.

It is the sole purpose of to discuss men’s issues, look at solutions to problems, and to share tips and ideas on how to live a fulfilling life during those middle years.

1. Menopause mood swings uk Health: Middle-age health concerns can become quite bothersome for a lot of men as they grow older, particularly the thought of cancer, heart attack and stroke. Estrogen and menopause The suggestion of men over 50 getting that ‘finger up the bum’ prostate exam once a year is enough to have any mid-lifer running for them there hills.

Another health concern is that of middle-age spread. Menopause dizziness With it comes a whole range of potential health complications that occur directly from being an overweight man in midlife transition.

2. Menopause symptoms bleeding mid cycle Finance: Fears of financial insecurity can trigger a lot of anxiety in middle age, especially long term concerns. Average age when menopause starts There’s also that dark cloud of job uncertainty forever hovering above the heads of men. Period after menopause forum Additionally, the rising cost of living hinders man’s attempts to save for his future financial comfort.

Throughout life, money comes and money goes, but by the time a man reaches his 50’s, it becomes ever more important to get his finances into some kind of order.

3. What is menopausal syndrome Relationships: The threat of erectile dysfunction (ED) is a concern for many a man in the throes of midlife. At what age do women start menopause The flip side of this is when middle aged men are still full of testosterone and sexual desire but no longer have the opportunity to satisfy these needs (see below).

Commitment, generosity, and a listening ear are vital to the health of any mid-life relationship. Insomnia and menopause Nevertheless, these things alone are not always enough. Menstrual symptoms during menopause If sexual fulfilment is wanted by the man but rejected by the woman, this can place immense stress on any relationship, particularly for those men entering into the early years of middle age.

But relationships are not restricted to love and love making. Menopause dizziness nhs How we get along with people in general is fundamental to being happy and fulfilled as people.

4. Starting menopause at 41 Lifestyle: According to psychotherapists, a man undergoing transition into middle age tends to spend quite a bit of time reflecting on his past. Signs of early menopause at 44 This self-probing often begins by looking at the lifestyle choices he has made. What age is menopause All too frequently, this experience does not prove to be a positive one.

When a middle-aged man starts to believe he’s accomplished very little, or not as much as he could have done, both within his personal and professional life, there comes a real risk for depression. Average age to go through menopause When allowed to fester, depression is debilitating, constraining, and obstructs any hope of contentment for the one who suffers.

The above proverb tells us that any maturing male still has unlimited opportunities before him providing he’s physically and mentally able, and willing to take up new challenges.

As we men grow older, changes are both natural and inevitable. Bleeding after menopause forum The transformations that occur at midlife don’t have to be negative nor contain fear, anxiety, and pessimistic uncertainty about the future. Sudden weight gain in menopause They often do, but the really don’t have to.

Midlife transitions do not have to result in male midlife crises. Menopause clinic st paul mn By developing, or maintaining a positive mind-set, there will be great times ahead for any man who strives for them.

If you’ve read down this far, you’ll now realise that there is more to getting older than just that of a physical nature. Early signs of menopause irregular periods Psychological and spiritual changes take place too as men evolve from their relative youthfulness into a period of mid-life adjustment.

It is the sole purpose of this website to help make these middle years a time of fulfilment, self discovery, and camaraderie as we join together and work towards a period in our lives that will be constructive, happy, and as free from strife as possible.

By accepting those things in life that we cannot change, like growing older, greyer, fatter, and looser, can we then focus on those things we can do something about, such as an insistence on living life to our full potential.

Scientific studies have shown time and time again that physical and mental deterioration within middle-aged men can be slowed down considerably simply by embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle, and what man wouldn’t want a slice of that cake?

Come join us, welcome your middle age and march forward with your fellow mid-lifers. What is the age of menopause in india Let us strive to get the best out of living life to the max as contented and confident middle-aged men.