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It’s a new kind of ‘yellow fever’ that’s spreading around the world of nutrition. Spotting during menopause perimenopause It has long roots in India, as a spice, Ayurvedic medicine and even a clothing dye, and its benefits are finally being revealed to us here in the West. Period after menopause stress What am I talking about? Turmeric, of course!

Yep, this yellowish spice – long known as the ‘golden spice of India’, is becoming increasingly popular with health addicts, food bloggers and even doctors for its vast range of (tasty) health benefits.

For example, turmeric is great for detoxifying the body. What age is menopause uk Its active compounds have been found to improve liver function and reduce the levels of toxins within our bodies, making this the perfect post-holiday spice to pile on to everything. What age do women go through menopause Introducing turmeric into your morning routine is also a great way to kickstart your day, every day. Perimenopause and night sweats You can try turmeric tea, either homemade or store bought, like Pukka’s zingy, lemony blend, or even take turmeric supplements (blended with other health boosting compounds like seaweed, ginger and long pepper fruit), for some powerful daily detoxing.

According to nutritionist Francesca Mastrojanni of the White Crane Clinic in London, another great benefit of the spice is its anti-inflammatory properties, which have been proven to be so potent, they’re rivaling some of the strongest pharmaceuticals for reducing chronic inflammation and pain. The menopause makeover Thanks to the active ingredient in the spice (curcumin), Francesca says turmeric can even stop the growth of cancer cells. Anxiety menopause uk And if some of your ladies suffer from severe menstrual discomfort, then adding turmeric into your diet can not only release cramping, bloating, mood swings and excessive bleeding, but the soothing spice can help us out through menopause.

My Indian friends tell me their moms used to make them drink turmeric honey milk for colds, fevers and sore throats, and Francesca says that turmeric has antibacterial qualities, so it is also used to heal cuts and burns, and when mixed with some cream, it can take the itch out of insect bites (but be warned – it may stain your skin yellow!).

But that’s not all. At what age do women get menopause No sir – Mastrojanni tells us turmeric can also lower cholesterol to healthier levels, support balanced blood sugar levels, thus avoiding insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, and it protects brain and liver function. What are first signs of menopause I mean, this spice is a doctor in a jar!

Even though it’s often the basis for curry powder, for those not enamoured by Asian dishes, the spice may be new to you, and you may not know how to incorporate it into your meals. Menopause hair on face But never fear – it’s actually easier to use than you think. Normal age of menopause Just keep in mind that it goes well with tofu, vegetables, curries, and vegan milks – simply add a pinch to any dish you’re about to eat to profit from turmeric’s health benefits.

To make your life even easier, I’ve found over 30 turmeric recipes from breakfast to dessert that use just enough of this Golden Girl to make a serious difference to your health, even if you only indulge in one of these dishes a few times a week. Menopause bad moods 1. Turmeric Lemon Detox Water

After you’ve slept, you’ve essentially fasted during the night and your body is crying out for re-hydration when you first wake up. Men menopause Personally, I always have warm lemon water first thing in the morning – it’s refreshing and great for the skin, so adding in some turmeric and a little ginger only makes a detoxing lemon water into a little potion of greatness. Menopause fatigue and nausea You’ll feel hydrated, and ready to take on the day. Definition of menopause and perimenopause And if you find lemon water a touch too sharp, then the turmeric will lessen the sourness and add a slightly peppery flavour.

This lemon, ginger and turmeric tea is just what you need to detoxify the body upon waking. What causes menopause to occur The ingredients work together to help your liver to remove toxins and to cleanse out your system. Perimenopause age 30 Tip: be careful when using turmeric to make tea or any other recipe – it can stain white counter tops, so you may want to use a tea bag like these, instead.

If you’ve yet to discover the deliciousness of what the Indians call ‘golden milk’, then allow me to give you the perfect recipe for this creamy drink, easily made with turmeric and coconut. Age of menopause and longevity Tip: Our editor has this every day, but sneaks a shot of espresso into it. Male menopause cycle Which she adores.

If the weather outside is still cold, why not bring a touch of the tropics to your breakfast table? Not only does this look like sunshine in a glass, but it’s going to get your day off to a tasty start. Menopause haircut It’s full of fruit and tastes amazing. Unexplained weight loss during menopause Personally, I made this without having aloe vera juice on hand – I added coconut milk instead, and it was like I was in the Bahamas, sipping on a pina colada.

If you’re new on the golden milk bandwagon then you have got to try this new find of mine: golden milk hot chocolate! This will taste delicious and keep you warm and cosy during the evenings. Hormones menopause depression And it has chocolate. Menopause define Like, what more do you need?

How pretty is this? Packed with coconut, blueberries, raspberries and other deliciousness, this bowl is the perfect way to start your day. Menopause and periods after one year And of course, feel free to throw in whatever you love – for me, that means extra nuts and maybe some goji berries.

Yep, another cereal recipe, but this one is different: it uses golden milk as a basis that soaks into the oats, making them soft and creamy. Menopause itching all over And that pumpkin seed brittle gives a deliciously sweet crunch to the soft oats.

Your typical blueberry muffin gets a healthy makeover with this recipe. Age of menopause by country Remember what the nutritionist told us about how turmeric keeps blood sugar levels stable? That means these muffins will leave you energised for hours. Peri menopause Blueberries out of season? Frozen will do just fine.

I love making chia seed puddings. Coping with menopause at work You can just make it, throw it into individual jars and store them in the fridge to grab for breakfast or a snack any time. What does menopause do Eat them as they are or add some toppings of fruit and nuts and you’re good to go, go, go! The golden turmeric milk here is store bought, but you can easily make your own by adding 1t of turmeric powder to any kind of milk you love and shaking it up in a Mason jar or stirring well.

Muffins have always been a go-to comfort food for me. How old when menopause starts They’re yummy, especially with a steaming hot mug of something delicious. The age of menopause These turmeric muffins are infused with ginger and pear, giving a sweet spiciness that isn’t overwhelming. When is the menopause age Enjoy as a breakfast, a treat or a healthy midday snack.

When the weather is still hit or miss its a great idea to pack your food with as many ingredients that will help fight off germs as you can. What is the normal age of menopause So these waffles are a super food to make as they have flu-busting cinnamon and turmeric which will help your digestive system whilst also fighting fevers and infections. Menopause early 20s Perfect to avoid catching any last minute colds! And who doesn’t love a great waffle? You can also serve this for dessert with the turmeric ice cream (recipe below).

I love having crackers on hand: they make a really great snack and alternative to bread if you’re looking to dunk something onto a bowl of soup. Menopause symptoms bleeding 2 weeks These crackers are crispy and will even be tastier when smeared with some hummus, guacamole, or the dip recipe below.

Raw recipes are so great to make as they don’t require much planning or time. Treatment of menopausal symptoms with hormone therapy And this raw pate is a great alternative if you’re looking for something to spread on bread or to eat with crackers that’s not actually hummus. Causes of early menopause in 40s It’s full of nutrition, and is packed with vegan protein, too!

I’m totally cheating here. Anxiety symptoms in menopause This amazing recipe just looked so damn good, I had to include it – but guess what? There’s no turmeric here. Hormone replacement therapy menopause side effects Just make it and add a pinch or up to 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric to it – it works, trust me. Menopause 2013 And those spicy, cumin crackers…!

Want a low cal dip that’s full of fibre, vitamins and spices? Got 5 minutes? Then make this easy, creamy dip. Early onset menopause and pregnancy Since it’s so rich in veg (ok, in cauliflower), I think you deserve to dip some chunky bread or crispy crackers in this.

I love snacking on cashew nuts – it’s a great way to get my vegan protein in. Weight gain menopause stomach So you can imagine that I was excited to find this recipe for turmeric roasted nuts. Menopause diagnosis and treatment Make this one in large batches and then store in a mason jar to snack on over the next few weeks. Does menopause age you Carrying a small pot around them with you can help curb hunger between meals, too.

A list of vegan turmeric recipes needs to include something hearty, and for me, that would be falafels. Premature menopause quiz I love falafels. Late menopause cancer risk They’re easy to make, too – this recipe has just five ingredients and two steps towards making them. Menopause breast tenderness swelling These are baked instead of fried, lessening the calorie count, but they still taste moist and fluffy inside. Menopause play schedule You can either enjoy with a leafy green salad or add some into a wrap with a little tahini.

When it comes to salad, I want texture, I want flavour and I want to feel full after eating it! And this salad checks all of my boxes. What is the oldest age for menopause Panzanella is a Tuscan salad that is usually made from bread and tomatoes and is traditionally enjoyed during summer. Start of menopause signs It includes chunks of soaked stale bread, tomatoes and is dressed in an olive oil and vinegar dressing. Rapid weight gain after menopause This one has had a slight make-over and whilst the traditional elements remain the same, I’m excited by the turmeric dijon dressing.

Dishes like these turmeric chickpea cakes are a really fab for any meal. Menopause and fatigue mayo clinic You can make them part of a salad, throw them into a wrap or use them as you would a hamburger patty, between two buns with all the toppings. Premature menopause age 18 Or, just serve them as a side dish to a meal – I love these alongside a nice bowl of soup.

Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best. How to diagnose early menopause This is a great dish for winter, since root veggies are in season then. Menopause and periods stopping I personally would serve this up as a side dish for winter feasts like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. Menopause itching Tip: this is also tasty cold, added to some rocket or mixed salad leaves.

I love the reboot of cauliflower. How old menopause start It used to be this boring, bland and slightly mushy veg on my plate. Perimenopause definition But I love discovering just how delicious cauliflower can be when cooked properly and seasoned, and this turmeric roasted cauli is no exception. About menopause in hindi Make this and sprinkle it onto a salad, or enjoy with some quinoa. Menopause hormones mood swings And if you hate cauliflower – try this, you may just change your mind.

This is a great recipe if you’re looking to seriously detox and cleanse the body. Menopause symptoms women Not only does the turmeric boost immunity, but its powerful antioxidants are great for giving a little love back into our bodies. What age do women start the menopause Make this and feel the ingredients heal you from the inside out. Latest menopause Tip: for even more detoxing or to help you lose weight, use zucchini noodles here instead.

The creamy texture here comes from a surprising source: cashews! And there’s even some extra cashew cream that adorns this bowl, along with even more protein in the form of crunchy chickpeas. Menopause institute It’s one of those soups that’s really a meal in a bowl!

If you’re feeling like giving your body a little TLC then this is the recipe for you to go and make now. Menopause problems and solutions Its made with an array of healing spices alongside lots of veggies and lentils to make it both nutritious and filling, too. Skin changes during menopause The vegetables are sautéed in coconut oil beforehand making them softer and easier to digest. Frequent periods and menopause Sit back, slurp, and wait to feel amazing. Signs and symptoms of menopause in women Tip: a squeeze of lemon on top of this really does make a delicious addition!

This recipe is a comforting and hearty dish that is quick to make when you’re in the mood for something warm and tasty. Average age woman goes through menopause And with the addition of something rather unusual – hazelnuts – it’s also a unique tasting dish, too.

This is a recipe for those peanut butter lovers out there, like me. What age do women get menopause This is cheap to make, has bold flavours, is creamy and delicious, and you can even make your own peanut butter beforehand if you have the time. Menopause headaches nausea Pack it out with veggies, tofu or beans or lentils and serve it over brown rice.

I’m seriously obsessed with bowls. Weight gain after surgical menopause I mean, as in the food concept, not crockery, of course! Good vegan bowl recipes should provide you with everything you need: a protein, a sauce, a green and some carbs. Signs of perimenopause And this one has it all!

Remember at the beginning of this article I mentioned turmeric went really well with tofu? Well, it would just be rude of me to leave you without a recipe with tofu then, wouldn’t it? This is a classic vegan brunch staple.

I love anything that can be made into a cheesecake, so when I found this persimmon and turmeric recipe I was truly celebrating. Menopause early symptoms A cake that is quite literally good for me? This is the stuff dreams are made of. Menopause onset age range If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting a persimmon -aka kaki fruit – then just know they’re deliciously sweet when ripe, and taste like a pear and a peach had a baby.

These bars are terrific to have on hand for when cravings strike. Menopause diet plan They have absolutely no added sugars or syrups, and are instead sweetened with bananas. Describe menopause Turmeric gives these bars that lovely golden colour and the delicious range of textures comes from the mixture of goji berries, raisins and nuts. Menopause and bleeding irregularities These are such a great go-to snack when you’re hankering for something a little bit sweet.

It’s official – turmeric and ginger are a couple. Pre menopause And a beautiful couple they make, too! Here, the ice cream is based on coconut milk again, meaning this recipe is not only vegan friendly, but paleo-friendly too. Menopause diet sample menu What I love most is the chunks of candied ginger, but if you like your ice cream super smooth, just add some extra ground ginger instead.

Turmeric and ginger are one perfect pair; but turmeric and chocolate are also red-hot and gorgeous when coupled up. At what age is menopause And the best part? These truffles are so packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, they’re practically a superfood! Tip: these freeze really well!

Talk about sunshine in a glass! This turmeric lemonade is easy to make, and is a cheerful, sweet drink to serve at dessert time or when friends come round. Menopause forums canada Simply throw everything into a Mason jar, shake it up, and sip! Tip: in hotter weather, adding some mint to this is a nice touch.