Symptoms from sarcoid in chest lymph nodes – inspire what are enlarged lymph nodes

I just was wondering if anyone that has been diagnosed with sarcoid in their chest lymph nodes only experiences weakness, fatigue, chest pain and digestive problems. Symptoms of swollen lymph nodes in the neck My doctor says that my lymph nodes aren’t big enough to cause such issues and my last X-ray in December showed no change in size. Sore throat and swollen lymph nodes in neck treatment I had an abominal/pelvic CT scan as well that didn’t show anything unusual and definitely no lymph node involement.

Enlarged lymph nodes are known as Only thing that has changed is my ACE level which went up from 10 to 47 which is still in the normal range.

I sense what you seem to – that your doc is way off base and ignorant of current Sarcoidosis info. What is enlarged lymph nodes The more you read here (archived posts here) the more you will be convinced how outdated and limited his knowlege is. Swollen lymph nodes in groin and neck causes Think about seeing a rheumatologist to evaluate and manage your Sarc and the accompanying pain. What do swollen lymph nodes in the neck feel like Slowly build your healthcare team with this doc as team leader. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck symptoms He treats the whole person and refers to specialists as needed. What do enlarged lymph nodes indicate Doctor hopping is par for the course with many Sarcies, so don’t be disappointed with the flunkies – just move on.

Learn as much as you can so you can be a knowledgeable self advocate. What causes enlarged lymph nodes If you search the web and use the search window at the top of this page to check out specific Sarc issues you will become more confident making suggestions to your docs and in making your treatment choices.

Hi,I have had Sarcoid for 15 yrs,it started in the chest but has progressed to multi-symptom,the pain you are asking about in the chest for me is like a slicing stabbing pain right in the center of the sternum,, i can actually tell when the Lymphnodes are swollen,ie: a flare -up it’s quite uncomfortable,but after this many years I just Deal.. Swollen painful lymph nodes in neck right side I hope You feel better this is a long haul for most of us,was yours diagnosed thru Biopsy?Mine was back in 1995 and at first the doctors said oh you have lymphoma,you’ll hear that alot on here,but of course for all of us sarkies” the doctors were wrong in saying Lymphoma right off that bat. Enlarged lymph nodes in groin child I hope you never progress to multi symptom it is not fun…Heart skelatal,neurological the whole shabang,,,so good luck to you and so glad you found this awesome site you will find many friends here and recognize many of our screen names!!! heres a little secret for ya,,,listen to Irene Marie she is the best !!!! have a good night and best of luck..from: MaMa-Kaz !!

Yes I have symptoms like yours but my lymph nodes are 2 inches in diameter by ct scan and medastinal lymph biopsy. Can swollen lymph nodes cause sore throat I also have them in my abdomen and are pressing up against abdominal organs…..mostly gallbladder. Mildly enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes I started feeling awful about 6 years ago and they could not figure anything out and I misunderstood that I had fibromyalgia too until I finally did some research and had an insurance without refferals to get the actual doctor who can diagnose it. What causes enlarged lymph nodes in groin area Sorry I have to run 3 year old is in need of mommy attention asap!! Do some research of your own and make appointments with good doctors who can help diagnose you then they can treat your problem better.

I am a 49 year old male and was diagnosed in 2007. Swollen painful lymph nodes in neck but not sick Enlarged lymph nodes in my chest were accidentally diagnosed in 2000, but with no other symptoms I was monitored by my pulmonologist for the next seven years. Swollen cervical lymph nodes in neck causes In 2005, I began to get the cough, but it would come and go. Causes of swollen lymph nodes in neck and face In 2007, I got asthma symptoms, went to the dr and ultimately back to the lung dr. Enlarged neck lymph nodes in dogs He did a ct and told me granuloma were in both lungs. Pictures of swollen lymph nodes in groin female The did a mystianoscopy to confirm Sarcoidosis. Causes of swollen lymph nodes in neck and armpit My primary symptoms are coughing, asthma type issues, periodic fatigue, especially after harder workouts like running several days in a row and sporadic and unpredictable chest pain. Swollen groin lymph nodes std I only take Symbicort, no steroids. Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck armpits or groin It keeps the coughing and asthma symptoms to a minimum. What causes enlarged lymph nodes in abdomen I was getting CT scan every 6 months and now have gone to annual scans. Pictures of enlarged lymph nodes in the neck Since 2007, lymph nodes and granuloma have not changed. Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck causes I just wake up every day and work through whatever symptoms I face and feel blessed that it isn’t any worse.

The hardest part for me is the fatigue; I run a large company and travel and attend many evening functions and quite often feel worn out. Causes of inflamed lymph nodes in neck Good luck to you.