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Okay I suppose the story started er when I was around 30 years of age, which was 6 years ago. Male menopause symptoms and behavior I noticed that my testicles were of different sizes. Menopause average age onset I don’t know whether they’d always been like that or if I’d just suddenly noticed but you know hearing things on the television and reading in the newspaper about potential problems in that area that started to concern me somewhat. Signs of early menopause Having said that I didn’t actually do anything about it, I just was thinking about it and then I tried to push it to the back of my mind. Bleeding during menopause cancer But it was always there in my mind so I didn’t quite know what to do and how to approach the problem.

Causes of early menopause But as I was fairly fit and young and it wasn’t affecting me. When does a woman get menopause I wasn’t getting any pain or anything like that I didn’t really feel that it was too urgent to get anything sorted out. Surgical menopause symptoms without hrt So I basically just lived with it and kept monitoring the situation for a couple of years after that.

As I said it was in 1998 and the wife had been watching a daytime TV programme and on the programme they actually showed you what to look for in testicular cancer. Menstruation menopause And the wife was getting a bit worried, because one of the testicles was really hard and the other one was what we call normal, you know it was soft. Severe menopause symptoms hot flashes And she said it was hard and that and she insisted I go up to the doctor because she’s actually seen it on the TV. Menopause menstruation joke So that’s how I found out that I actually had the cancer.

Yes, the GP examined me and he referred me to the local hospital, so I turned up at the local hospital on a Friday and was taken in on the Monday for the operation.

Sometimes symptoms are not so specific. Menopause and pubic hair loss One man said that his testicle just didn’t ‘feel right’, after an incident when his baby kicked him. Menopause night sweats how long Another recalled that the first symptom he noticed was general fatigue. Surgical menopause symptoms It was only much later, after he had consulted his GP on two occasions that he noticed that one of his testicles was swollen. Menopause effects on mood Another man noticed that he had a slight irritation when ejaculating. Early menopause symptoms age 38 This was the only symptom.

Some men discovered lumps or other irregularities after they or their wives had read articles in the paper, or heard about testicular cancer on the radio or television.

I was diagnosed in July 97. What are the signs of menopause in women I was over staying at my, with my wife to be’s parents in their house, we were back for a christening and I had this severe pain in my left testicle when I woke up one morning. Menopause meaning in telugu And I instantly knew that something wasn’t right and luckily it was the day I was due to fly home.

And I was in that much pain I wasn’t convinced I was going to be able to fly but I took quite a fly painkillers and got on the plane. Menopause cycle chart And I remember I was sort of sweating profusely on the way home on the plane. Surgical menopause depression And I got off the plane, the plane landed about quarter to 4 in the afternoon, I was picked up and luckily my own GPs is only about 20 minutes from the local airport. When does menopause start after a total hysterectomy So straight down to my GP’s and sort of demanded to see my doctor who examined me and was very honest with me and said “I think, I suspect that you might have testicular cancer. Definition of menopause in psychology It’s something that you’re going to have to, I don’t want to shock you but you’ve got to bear in mind that this is what I think it is, that there’s a lump there which needs to be examined.”

Less commonly, men with metastases, when the cancer has spread to the para-aortic lymph nodes, experience back pain before they find anything wrong with a testicle.

Right well initially it started in around early 95 when I started having backache. Early onset menopause causes And initially when I went to the doctor he diagnosed a trapped nerve in my back. Symptoms of menopause onset uk And so for about the next eight months he was treating me for a trapped nerve and just giving me sort of painkillers during this time. Age menopause At that time the sort of, there was no sort of, on the testicles there wasn’t any sort of sign that I had anything else, it was just purely backache. What age does female menopause start And in about April 95 he sent me for a barium scan because he thought it was something to do, I was suffering from constipation and he thought that it was something to do with that. Menopause depression So I had a barium scan in April 95 and that was, there was no problem with that and from then on it just sort of went on. What age does menopause start after a hysterectomy I was still working at the time and the pain and that was just horrendous, I was just sort of total pain. Menopause 2014 I used to come home, sit in bed, go to bed and just sort of sit upright because I couldn’t lie down with the pain. Menopause meaning in gujarati And that carried on, going to the GP and just getting nowhere until round about Christmas of 95 when I saw a stand in doctor. When do women go into menopause And just at this time the left testicle had swollen up and dropped with the veins expanding.

Occasionally, men with pulmonary metastases (when the cancer has spread to the lung) first discover they have testicular cancer because they are breathless or because they are coughing up blood.

Rarely, men may discover they have a problem because the cancer has spread to another part of the body and first appears as a lump under the skin.

Okay I was 21 and approaching having finals at university. Menopause changes in body odor And I was sat in the library a lot, doing a lot of work, and one evening I was kind of reading away and I started rubbing my throat. After menopause spotting And I noticed just above my collar bone that a lump had appeared. At what age does a woman start menopause And it was about the size of an egg and it had just kind of appeared within what must’ve been like a few minutes pretty much. Menopause bleeding heavy And I thought not much of it at the time really because it was kind of soft and smooth and wasn’t painful to play with. Menopause and menstruation And it didn’t really occur to me that it was anything untoward for absolutely ages, I thought it was like a muscle spasm that had just kind of happened and would kind of vanish away gradually. Meaning of menopause in telugu And then about after a week I made a doctor’s appointment because it still wasn’t going anywhere, and I missed that because it still didn’t seem too much of a problem. Menopause starting symptoms And then probably a week after that I made another doctor’s appointment and went in, spoke to the GP. Hormonal changes menopause And she really didn’t know what it was, she was kind of surprised.

Okay it started in 1996, I’d say about June, July. Normal age menopause I happened to find a very small lump. Menopause early periods Not actually on the testicles or anywhere in that area, it was at the lower limb of the top of the leg actually. Signs n symptoms of menopause I didn’t do anything about it actually for about 2 to 3 months because I didn’t, I didn’t know anything about cancer at all, I’d never really heard of it. Early menopause age 37 I just happened to be at the doctors for something else and I happened to mention it to him and from there I went to see a specialist and had the biopsy and unfortunately it come back as cancer.

Well I didn’t think nothing of it really I just thought just a piece of fatty tissue or something like that. Menopause is I had, didn’t even think of cancer or anything like that at all. When does menopause start age It was just a very, very hard piece of skin, that’s all I thought it was. Fibroids after menopause symptoms Because it was at the top of the leg as well I didn’t think nothing of it, nothing at all.

Very occasionally, men may experience tender nipples, the development of breasts or excessive sweating, symptoms that are caused by a hormone that is produced by some testicular tumours.

Yes, I started with a bad back in the summer of 97 which quickly added to those symptoms I started with, sore nipples, nipple tenderness and even nipple swelling. Surgical menopause and weight gain And really unbeknown to me those were the early signs because of the hormone imbalance that’s caused by the testicles not working properly, they were the early signs, allied to the fact that the tumour had spread into my back which was causing the back pain.

And I went to my GP who really didn’t recognise those as being symptoms that you know that could exist, they were, all really the GPs at that time were aware of would be to look out for things like swelling of the testicles. Menopause uk forum And since that point I’ve actually seen other GPs and I’ve told them when I’ve seen them that you know there are other symptoms that can be there and it’s been to their surprise really. What is the age for menopause in india And in fact I’ve even been in hospital with lads that had exactly the same problems as I have er either with a bad back or with nipple swelling and these lads had all had testicular cancer as well.