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It happens to everyone, even young people. What are the causes and symptoms of alzheimer disease You are out to dinner with friends and the answer to a question is on tip of your tongue. Types of alzheimer’s disease You should be able to remember the name of your favorite actress and her latest movie, but this time it takes you a minute to blurt out “Sandra Bullock!” and “Gravity!” No big deal, unless you are 65 years old and it is 2 a.m. Alzheimer’s disease meaning when you finally sit up in bed and remember her name. Is there treatment for alzheimer’s disease Doctors call it the ” Tip of the Tongue Syndrome.” You may blow it off when you are 30 years old, but when it happens more often at ages 65 or 70, should you worry? I have a totally arbitrary personal rule: If I can remember the answer in 20 minutes, then I am just fine. Stages of dementia alzheimer’s disease But next year I may have to extend the time to 30 minutes.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common form of dementia, is defined by progressive memory loss and the loss of other intellectual abilities that are serious enough to interfere with daily life.

Alzheimer’s disease history It is a common problem, and your chance of developing AD doubles every five years after the age of 65. Facts about alzheimer’s disease Inside your brain, a protein called amyloid beta peptide accumulates around the nerve cells inside your brain — as early as 10 or 20 years before you have symptoms — and causes them to malfunction and die. Test for alzheimer’s disease A great deal of research is directed toward identifying the amyloid protein in the brain and toward treatments to both prevent its deposition and remove amyloid that has already been deposited in the brain. What causes alzheimer disease yahoo This is important, because when the day arrives that we have effective methods to both prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease, we will want to be able to identify, as early as possible, which individuals are going to develop AD.

What about genetic testing? Should you order a kit online and send a swab that not only tells you how many of your relatives came from Scotland, but claims to tell you your risk of getting dementia? The role of genetics in AD is complicated and involves the new and exciting field of epigenetics. Signs and symptoms of alzheimer disease pdf In brief, epigenetics is the analysis of how factors in the environment, like food, chemicals, or where you spent your childhood may interact with our genes to cause a disease. Alzheimer disease caused by virus Two people may have the same gene, but only one, because of this interaction, may go on to develop a disease like Alzheimer’s.

There are different genes that are associated with the risk of developing AD. How can you die from alzheimer’s disease Some (PSEN1, PSEN2, APP) are associated with early-onset AD, before the age of 65 years, while the more common form of late onset AD is associated with the APOE4 gene. Causes of alzheimer’s disease This is the gene that commercial companies most commonly test. Signs of alzheimer’s disease The problem is, if you do test positive for the APOE4 gene, you may be more likely to get AD, but no one can tell you how much more likely or if you will get the disease. Alzheimer’s disease treatment guidelines The results of the testing can be confusing and do not really supply you with any useful information on how to plan your future. Alzheimer disease drugs list Genetic testing will get there, but it isn’t there yet. Definition of alzheimer’s disease Although there are healthcare professionals would argue that testing is at a point where it can help confirm AD, I believe that testing for Alzheimer’s has not reached a point where it should be routinely used by the average practicing physician or their patients. Alzheimer’s disease prevalence You are just as likely to get information that will confuse or worry you rather than help you make an intelligent decision about your future. How do you die from alzheimer’s disease We need to continue to perform research on testing because it will be every important when we have drugs that capable of preventing or modifying the course of AD.

So, what can you do if you are worried about your cognitive abilities or chances of developing AD? There are numerous articles, books, and blog posts that claim to have the answers on how to prevent or improve cognitive decline. Family alzheimer’s disease For reasons noted in the post by Carol Steinberg, the president of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, it is important to know if you have AD, but scans and genetic testing ahead of your diagnosis are still not the answer. How to treat alzheimer’s disease The jury is still out on all these approaches and we are still awaiting a medication or approach that will modify the course of Alzheimer’s disease. Symptoms of alzheimer’s disease I can already hear the outcry from those who support one approach or another, but I await the science to support their claims.

What we do know is that, “if it is good for the heart, then it is good for the brain.” Follow a healthy diet, exercise, control your cholesterol and blood pressure, don’t smoke, and stay cognitively and socially involved with your environment. Etiology of alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s is still a clinical diagnosis and not one that can be made solely on the basis of scans and genetic testing. What are early signs of alzheimer’s disease The tests supply useful information to the informed physician. Mental effects of alzheimer disease For now, seek out the help of a neurologist who is interested in dementia. Alzheimer’s disease research paper He should be able to rule out other causes of cognitive decline like depression, medications, sleep and vascular causes, while guiding you through the maze of potential. Prognosis of alzheimer disease today With all this information in hand, together you can plot a course of action. Disease alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s disease is not a diagnosis that is made all at once, but instead is more likely to become apparent over time. Alzheimer’s disease stages For a comprehensive review of testing for Alzheimer’s disease go to the Alzheimer’s Association website.