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However, peri-menopause is not a natural disaster, it’s a natural occurrence, and although conventional wisdom is to counter changes by using the sticking plaster approach, traditional wisdom will use methods to assist the body to deal with the imbalance rather than adding another potential risk factor for breast cancer (progesterone) into the pot. Premature ovarian failure symptoms diagnosis Improving the capacity of the liver to detoxify and eliminate oestrogen is the method most usually employed, and for this we use herbs, and we may also encourage the conversion of the parent oestrogen into its anti-oestrogenic form or anti-carcinogenic form using various supplements such as Indole 3 Carbinole or DIM (natural sources of this compound are found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli).

To amplify on this, breast tissue is rich in the family of CYP450 enzymes. Age to start menopause These enzymes hydroxylate oestrogen, this means they add a hydroxyl ion to the molecule at a pre-selected position, the 2, 4 or 16 position which gives rise to the group of catechol oestrogens which present in 3 different forms: 2OH, 4OH and 16OH oestrogens.

The dominant pathway should be the 2OH oestrogens (2OHE). What is the latest age for menopause This oestrogen metabolite will compete with oestrogen for receptor binding. 34 menopause symptoms nausea This is known as competitive inhibition which effectively antagonizes the action of oestrogen. First signs of menopause irregular bleeding It is possible to have a urinary oestrogen metabolite test which will indicate the ratio between the 2OH and 16OH oestrogen metabolites. Can menopause So if the ratio favours the 16OH metabolite, this is seen as a risk factor for breast cancer. Insomnia menopause anxiety For those experiencing symptoms of oestrogen persistence it may be wise to have this test to eliminate the possibility of an inverse ratio and to take steps to correct it, if required.

There is an additional bonus of having a high 2OH ratio. Weight loss during menopause 2OH is rapidly detoxified via the methylation pathway. The 35 symptoms of menopause It is readily converted to 2-methoxy oestrogen. Menopause and bleeding again This oestrogen metabolite will actively inhibit tumour cell proliferation and angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels into the tumor which supports its growth). Menopause diagnosis guidelines Within this context the importance of methylcobalamin (co-enzyme form of B12) becomes apparent. At what age does menopause start in women Methylcobalamin assists in the rapid methylation of 2OHE to its methylated form which, as we have seen, is even more protective than the 2OHE.

Reduce harmful catechol oestrogen metabolites by promoting their detoxification via methylation pathways (methylcobalamin) and by promoting the beneficial 2OH pathway (I3C or DIM)

The problems don’t end here. Menopause society of america In hormonally active tissues high levels of catechol oestrogens may accumulate which easily form genotoxic oestrogen quinones and semi-quinones. Menopause bleeding for 3 weeks These are also a major risk factor in breast cancer as they create massive free radical damage to DNA which causes changes in genetic programming if the DNA cannot be repaired. Signs of early menopause at 43 The BRCA gene (breast cancer susceptibility gene) is responsible for repairing double-strand breaks in DNA. Menopause average age periods stop Certain groups, such as the Ashkenazy Jewish, the Dutch, Norwegian and Icelandic populations have specific mutations of this gene that predisposes them to higher than average incidence of breast and ovarian cancer. Perimenopause nausea In addition, it is linked with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, gallbladder and bile duct cancer, and melanoma in both men and women.

However, once again, genetic mutations are not a natural disaster but a natural occurrence. Treatment of menopause in hindi What is a natural disaster is the mix of environmental factors that negatively impact those with genetic susceptibility (see my free booklet Chemicals: proving toxicity, a chemical minefield). Menopause and headaches and nausea Unfortunately, with our growing scientific understanding of the role that genes play in this breast cancer epidemic, the focus has shifted to identifying those who may be more genetically susceptible rather than resolving the environmental factors that are causing this explosion. Latest menopause age What we need to understand is that the human gene pool, or genome, has evolved over millennia for our survival, so each gene has a survival advantage. Dealing with menopause emotions Although we all share the same human blue print, there are variations which give us our individual characteristics. 34 symptoms of perimenopause This is known as genetic polymorphism, where a gene codes for, say, an enzyme system, but due to slight variations in the coding within different populations or individuals the enzyme may perform more vigorously in one person than in another. Menopause age symptoms These subtle differences may not make much difference to survival unless an environmental threat overloads the capacity of that enzyme to operate efficiently. Menopause bloating With the breast cancer epidemic, as the human genome has not altered in the last fifty years or so, then we are most certainly looking at environmental changes. When does menopause begin in women Of overwhelming concern is the fostering of a belief within society that the problem is genetic and that science will have the answers soon.

In order to protect the breast and its DNA from free radical damage we need to support the glutathione enzyme system that is responsible for their detoxification. What is the average age to go through menopause Supplementation with R-alpha lipoic acid, GliSODin and selenium will support this system, while iodine is a free radical scavenger in its own right.

• Reduce weight as excess fat leads to higher activity of aromatase enzymes which contributes to the formation of parent oestrogens in breast tissue;

• Reduce stress as high levels of stress hormones (catecholamines, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline) compete against oestrogen for methylation (see diagram below). What age for menopause onset By default this will increase oestrogen’s carcinogenic potential and the formation of quinones. Menopause information for women As we know, methylated oestrogens have a rapid clearance and are also anti-carcinogenic in that they are a potent inhibitor of tumour cell proliferation and angiogenesis. What happens when menopause occurs Quercetin, an antioxidant commonly used in breast cancer, will also block this methylation pathway.

• Reduce alcohol (or stop it completely) as alcohol is a major risk factor for breast cancer. Induced menopause injections It down-regulates the tumor suppressor gene BRCA1, it up-regulates the oestrogen receptors, it increases oestrogenic stimulation in breast cancer cells and results in a significant increase in breast cancer cell motility, migration, and invasion – in other words it can promote the transition from a “stationary” cancer, such as DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) to a more aggressive invasive cancer.

• Check your personal body products, including underarm deodorant, skin creams, perfumes and make-up. The wisdom of menopause free download I could not do as much justice to this topic as found in the following article: Darbre P.D.; Environmental oestrogens, cosmetics and breast cancer: Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism; Vol 20, No. Physiological changes during menopause 1, pp. Menopause starts as early as 121-143, 2006 doi:10.1016/j.beem.2005.09.007 Please circulate it to all your friends that you care about – including male friends!

An additional feature of oestrogen persistence is its effects on the liver. Signs and symptoms of menopause by stage Oestrogen will oppose the secretion of bile salts into the bile ducts and this, in turn, will impede the flow of bile. How old is a woman when she starts menopause You may have heard of gall stone problems in women if they are “fair, fat and 40!” Well, gall stones can happen even if you’re not blonde, but their incidence increases with oestrogen persistence in the over 40s group, or even during pregnancy if you are genetically susceptible. The meaning of menopause Simply speaking, high oestrogen, or unopposed oestrogen, will cause cholestasis (a reduction of bile flow) and the formation of cholesterol stones (not enough bile salts to keep the cholesterol in solution). Menopause and headaches night sweats Oestrogen can reduce the output of bile volume by up to 30% and the secretion of bile salts by 50%. The menopause histamine connection Hence women, during the peri-menopause phase may also suffer secondary problems with their digestion, acid reflux, have poor tolerance of fats and may suddenly get allergic problems to specific foods with symptoms such as mucus congestion, eczema or psoriasis. Perimenopause symptoms age 42 Progesterone may compound this problem as it behaves in a similar way to oestrogen, by inhibiting bile flow and bile salt secretion in the liver. At what age women get menopause If you do have these types of liver problems then the choice of herb is St Mary’s thistle, as it supports the secretion of bile salts into the bile by an alternate pathway, thus overcoming the digestive problems associated with oestrogen persistence.

GliSODin is an orally bioactive superoxide dismutase (SOD). Female menopause symptoms list SOD is the main antioxidant enzyme that is produced in our cells for the mopping up of the highly reactive superoxide anion. Premature menopause symptoms age 30 GliSODin substantially up-regulates the endogenous production of SOD, glutathione peroxidase and catalase – the three main antioxidant enzyme systems which protect against inflammation. When does a woman go into menopause GliSODin has been shown to bring about a regression of the thickening of the arterial walls in patients who don’t yet display symptoms of cardiovascular disease by modulating the level of free radical activity in the lining of the artery. Menopause forum It also protects nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator and lowers blood pressure. Average age of menopause in united states In the absence of sufficient antioxidants, nitric oxide oxidises and forms harmful peroxynitrite. Menopause and bleeding after intercourse This reduces available nitric oxide leading to vasoconstriction paving the way to hypertension. At what age does a woman go through menopause GliSODin has no known adverse effects and works by stimulating the body’s own production of SOD. Hysterectomy and menopause mayo clinic Dose: 1 capsule every 12 hours (2/day) induces continuous induction of SOD. Age of menopause

Hello Kathryn. Menopause and fatigue forum I can not tell you how many times I have read this article. Menopause anxiety disorder I am so appreciative for this information. Male menopause jokes I am part of the dietary healing group in Facebook. Late menopause I am on DH and looking to prevent breast cancer that runs in my family. Symptoms of perimenopause at 38 I see above that ” In order to protect the breast and its DNA from free radical damage we need to support the glutathione enzyme system that is responsible for their detoxification. Night sweats and chills menopause Supplementation with R-alpha lipoic acid, GliSODin and selenium will support this system, while iodine is a free radical scavenger in its own right.” I see the daily recommend for GliSODin above but I was wondering what your recommend would be for the other supplements listed in the article. How long does menopause last after your last period How can I check or monitor my iodine level? other then DH and these supplements would you recommend anything else for breast cancer prevention?