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OMG!!! For the past year and a half I have thought I was either crazy or dying of some unknown disease. Thyroid symptoms in menopause I have had mirena for 1.5 years – it was placed about 2 months after the birth of my first (and only) child. Menopause anxiety attacks I’m only 25 years old and have been purplexed by all the strange symptoms I’ve been having: severe hot flashes, gradually worsening joint pain (like arthritis), severe headaches, excessive weight gain (30lbs), chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, severe mood swings, irritability/anger, ZERO sex drive, pains shooting through my uterus, sore breasts, hair loss, and even a sensation in my stomach like a baby kicking. Thin hair sign of early menopause I have had blood tests ran for hormone imbalances which came back normal. Perimenopause symptoms bleeding I have taken pregnancy tests to rule that out. What is menopause caused by I am at my wits end – this has had a horrible effect on my self esteem, my relationship with my husband, my ability to function as a mother, my performance at work, etc. What age menopause ends I actually got online tonight to search for possible side effects of mirena, as this was the last thing I could think of that might be causing my problems. What age does menopause begin Little did I know that so many other women are having this exact same problem! This is so disturbing that our healthcare system is not protecting us by warning us of this evil little device, probably because they would lose money. What age does the average woman go through menopause It’s just sickening that this is being allowed to continue. Menopause early 30s Anyway, I am calling my OBGYN first thing in the morning and demanding this piece of **** be removed immediately. Perimenopause stages I don’t care how much money they charge me, it would be worth it to feel normal again. The perimenopause symptoms Just wondering – I read several other posts but didn’t see anyone else mention hot flashes. Menstrual cycle in menopause Has anyone else had a problem with hot flashes?

After an attempt to remove the mirena I think the docs caused an infection and the next day at work I was dripping sweat so I sat down then I was freezing cold. Period after menopause symptoms The strange thing I never work up a sweat I had been doing the same job for months and the room temp was the same as the day before.

Changes in temp affect my mood, changes in smell distracts my focus, the smell of food cooking makes me sick, well it brings up stomach acid, so if I’m going to eat I have to eat more than enough to stuff the acid down and it must be dry food, for some reason its hard to keep soft veggies and fruits down.

I too had severe hot flashes. Menopause breast tenderness I had it 2 years, and around Easter I remember my sister was in town visiting, we did a day of shopping, and came home and around dinner time we decided to have a few cocktails. Menopause changes in vulva I made up some bahama Mama drinks, and I only took like 2 sips and all of sudden a SEVERE and I am talking Severe hot flash came, it scared me so bad, my face was all sudden on fire feeling, I was trying to cool it with cold water, and it heated right back up again. Symptoms menopause uk It was scaring me so bad I almost was going to go to the ER. Menopause average age Thought it was the drink, or just stress of shopping all day. Medical menopause It finally went away after about 10 min of just sitting with a cold rag on my face. Early menopause age 43 Then I got another one, one night at my school. Breast symptoms in menopause I went to the bathroom and wet a paper towel, and held on my face in class and I remember my face was so hot I dried the towel like instantly. Symptoms of perimenopause at 39 A women in my class was EMT and said I didn’t look so good, and maybe I should go home. Female menopause mentors I only remember 2 real bad ones that happened during day, I also had alot of night sweats sleeping at night, mostly during winter months, and I always blamed my husband for turning heat too high at night. Average age of menopause in india At this point I believe the Mirena caused all the hot flashes for sure.