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Oenothera biennis ( common evening-primrose, [2] evening star, sun drop, weedy evening primrose, German rampion, hog weed, King’s cure-all, or fever-plant. What is the symptoms of eczema [3]) is a species of Oenothera native to eastern and central North America, from Newfoundland west to Alberta, southeast to Florida, and southwest to Texas, and widely naturalized elsewhere in temperate and subtropical regions. Eczema images toddlers [4] Evening primrose oil is produced from the plant.ref> http://nccih.nih.gov/health/eveningprimrose (Retrieved 6/17/13) The evening primrose has become of interest to physicians in the 1980s mainly due to its high content in GLA found in the seeds.

Signs of eczema healing [11] [12] The oil of mature seeds contains approximately 7-10% (sometimes up to 14% [14]) of GLA, [16] [17] [18] an essential fatty acid labeled as a C18:3-ω-6 fatty acid [12] [14] which is usually rare in plants. Allergic eczema causes [13] GLA is a preliminary stage in the production of the tissue hormone prostaglandin, which is essential for the proper functioning of a cell. Is eczema contagious wiki Because of aging and disease many people are not able to perform this conversion in a sufficient quantity. Pediatric eczema emedicine [19] Symptoms and diseases like endogenous eczema, the Sjögren-syndrome, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis and menopausal symptoms can be induced by a prostaglandin shortage. Allergic eczema rash Thus, an additional intake of GLA might help to cure this symptoms. Skin rash eczema pictures [11] [20] Evening primrose oil, containing GLA, is often used to treat some of these medical conditions. What are the signs and symptoms of eczema [20] Also other plant parts and extracts of the evening primrose are used for medical purposes. Is eczema itchy bumps The intake of extracted plant fluids and oils could have a blood-purifying and antispasmodic effect. Natural remedies for eczema [13] Medical treatment of eczema [ edit ] Evening primrose is sometimes used to treat eczema. Extreme eczema on feet The Cochrane Collaboration conducted a meta analysis of clinical trials studying the effect of orally administered evening primrose oil (EPO) on eczema and concluded that there was no effect. Eczema infant [21] The Mayo clinic examined evidence for the safety and effectiveness of evening primrose for several conditions; it was considered that there was good evidence (grade B, vs “strong evidence”, grade A) that it produced a moderate improvement in eczema. Best way to treat eczema [22] Grade C, unclear, evidence for benefit is listed for many conditions, including some reduction of blood pressure. Www eczema org Research has shown a lack of significant beneficial effects on heart function and health. Images of eczema on arms Many conditions for which evening primrose is a traditional remedy or there is a theory suggesting efficacy are listed by the Mayo clinic, without comment. Breast eczema images [22] There are conflicting opinions and evidence for the medicinal effects of GLA. Hand eczema treatment The active constituent of EPO, which has been promoted to treat ailments including breast pain and eczema; such marketing was described by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) as ethically dubious—the substance was likely to be remembered as “a remedy for which there is no disease”. Eczema in children images [23] Another single source suggests that Evening Primrose Oil with adjuvant vitamin E, may reduce breast pain. Treatment of severe eczema [24] The BMJ said in 2003 that it was of no use in atopic dermatitis. Where did eczema come from [25] The American Cancer Society said in 2010 that there was very little evidence for its effectiveness as an anti-cancer agent, for which it is sometimes promoted, and “neither GLA nor other GLA-rich supplements (such as evening primrose oil) have been convincingly shown to be useful in preventing or treating any other health conditions.” [26] Adverse effects [ edit ] EPO is considered likely to be safe in recommended doses. Treat skin eczema [27] It may increase the risk of bleeding, a concern for patients with bleeding disorders or taking drugs that may increase bleeding. Skin disease called eczema The Mayo clinic recommends caution in people with seizure disorders or mania, and by pregnant or breastfeeding women, and publishes a long list of possible side-effects. Eczema home remedies indian Most studies evaluating the effectiveness of EPO used a dose of 1600 mg of standardized extract (4 capsules) by mouth twice daily for up to 12 weeks [ citation needed]. Severe eczema on feet Traditional medicinal use [ edit ] The whole plant and especially the leaves were boiled to tea by Native American tribes as a stimulant to treat laziness and against “over fatness”. Cure eczema naturally diet The tribes also used the roots externally to treat piles and boils. Treatment of eczema on feet Additionally, they were chewed and rubbed onto the muscles to improve strength. Eyelid eczema natural remedies [10] Agricultural practices [ edit ] The knowledge of agricultural practices in the cultivation of evening primrose is relatively new and only pertain to the commercialized production of evening primrose seed oil. Eczema chronic disease Information of agricultural practices for the production of root vegetable or other plant parts is not known yet. Eczema or atopic dermatitis [12] The evening primrose prefers sunny, and arid places with loamy soil and occurs below 700 meters above sea level. How to treat eczema flare up [13] One important prerequisite is to meet adequate nitrogen requirements. Asthma eczema triad While too high nitrogen levels could lead to a quality and quantity decline of the oil content in the seeds, [12] moderate nitrogen levels lead to increased seed quality and quantity. Eczema in babies head [16] Since the evening primrose is a light-dependent germinator it is important that the seeds are not planted too deep into the soil (0,5-1,0 cm deep). Eczema early pregnancy sign The cultivation of evening primrose is thus suitable for no-till farming, but the plants require an intense mechanical weed control. Can medication cause eczema The tiny seeds (thousand kernel weight: 0,3 -0,7 g) need approximately two to three weeks to germinate and are therefore very susceptible to the outgrowth of weeds. What is eczema and its treatment [12] Evening primrose seeds can be sown in the first half of April (spring seeds) or from mid-July to mid-August (autumn seeds). What allergies can cause eczema [12] [16] The time of harvest is approximately 75 to 80 days (spring seeds) or 100 days (autumn seeds) after flowering, and clearly influenced by the plant variety, climate conditions, soil fertility and sowing time. Child eczema pictures [16] [17] The population development and thus seed maturation of the evening primrose is very heterogeneous which is a rather difficult production factor. Photos of eczema on lower legs [12] There is not much water needed during the vegetation period. Eczema disease cure [12] A study has shown, that the irrigation with salt water could increase the oil yield and quality in evening primrose seeds. Is eczema dry skin This might be a great opportunity especially in regions with limited water resources. Eczema atopic dermatitis treatment Thus, the evening primrose could be a valuable alternative oil crop in arid regions. Extreme eczema cure [18] Finally, the cultivation of evening primrose requires a proper field management otherwise the plant can become invasive. Does eczema itch more at night [10] If the seeds are used for pharmaceutical purposes it is also very important to grow the evening primrose without any pesticides to avoid any chemical residues. Chronic eczema on hands [12]