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Jibei tumor often found in the blood after birth, age and older. Prognosis sarcoma The tumor is small, such as beans, as big as a fist, normal skin color was dark red or purple or blue, for the formation of tumor blood vessels generally plexiform vessels or capillaries. Survival rate of sarcoma cancer The diameter of the thick muscle tumors from varicose veins to form the tumor along the main vein strike and song, like earthworms.

Cancer carcinoma sarcoma Basics

Attention to proper rest, do not grasp the dynamic and static fatigue, a good rest, is conducive to the recovery of fatigue; exercise can enhance physical strength, enhance disease resistance, both of which combine to better recovery.

As long engaged standing weight-bearing work, weary hurt gas, or multiple pregnancy, blood stasis, blood stasis in the next, forming muscle tumor; or arrest by the cold or wading rain, cold invasion, setting tendons, medical `Education Network collected spasms stasis, into blocks tumor; or due to trauma tendons, blood stagnation, blocked road from tendons context.

Doctors believe, is due to varicose veins venous defects, venous insufficiency, venous wall is weak and intravenous pressure caused by persistently elevated.

In daily life and work, the patient should be basic necessities of life and other aspects of disease prevention, especially in people with a family history should focus on disease prevention. Sarcoma hip symptoms To keep warm during the cold season, hot summer cold water to avoid the foot to minimize long-established, long-squatting, long lines, reduce lower extremity weight; avoid greasy, high-sugar diet, quit smoking; long-distance travel, car, plane, it is best to wear to prevent varices MCS. Synovial sarcoma lung survival rate Specific measures are as follows: (1) Avoid prolonged standing or sitting posture, walking can use the calf muscle pump action to promote venous return; (2) to raise the lower extremities can relieve symptoms such as edema; (3) can be worn with a pressure gradient delay the development of the disease; occurred in lasting standing work or heavy manual workers, such as salesmen, teachers and porters, soldiers and so on.

1, stasis dermatitis: to occur in l / 3 2/3 lower leg or lower leg, the phenomenon of skin nutritional disorders, skin atrophy, scaling, dry, pigmentation, exudate, itching.

2, superficial venous bleeding: due to venous pressure, varicose veins vein wall thickness varies, slight damage can lead to variceal bleeding, and sometimes small veins may rupture and cause spontaneous bleeding.

3, congestion ulcer: often occurs in the lower third of the leg, lateral, little trauma, can occur with chronic leg ulcers (old rotten legs), it is difficult to heal.

4, secondary infected: Due to resistance weakened limb, is prone to secondary infections. Basal cell sarcoma Thrombosis usually superficial phlebitis, erysipelas, acute cellulitis, patients may have fever, chills, tongue yellow, red tongue purple.

Occur in the long standing workers or pregnant women, more common in the lower limbs. Leg sarcoma survival rate Early limb bulge feeling discomfort and pain, obviously standing, walking or lying disappears. Retroperitoneal sarcoma radiology Limb superficial venous engorgement gradually, leg veins, such as coiled cords, ribbon bruising, and even then like a worm, medical | education network collected tumor is soft, Taigaohuanzhi or extrusion can be reduced to the distal direction But let go instantly filling drooping limbs reply. Fibromyxoid sarcoma low grade Some occur redness, burning, tenderness and other symptoms in the swelling after treatment the tumor is more tenacious streak. Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma If the tumor is Pengpo, profuse bleeding, after compression or ligation can only stop the bleeding. Sarcoma definition biology Long duration, skin atrophy, dark brown color, easily associated with eczema and boils (chronic ulcers).