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Hello, my name is Alex Moir, I’m Betty Moir’s son, and this page was created to show my support and love for her and help her in any way I can to deal with the unbelievable shock and pain this absolutely devastating diagnosis has caused her. Spindle cell sarcoma prognosis I’m raising money for her growing medical costs to fight a very rare Ewing Sarcoma Stage 4 cancer. Carcinoma sarcoma ovarian cancer The support of her close family and unbelievable friends has moved me to find a way to help relieve some of the stress and financial burden, so she can focus on herself for once and fight this very aggressive cancer.

Over the past 2yrs. Sarcoma bone mom has struggled with hip pain but chose to tough it out, then she finally gave in to her doctor’s wish for having it replaced.

Sarcoma benign or malignant After surgery, she was back on her feet and working hard as a Realtor again. Types of sarcomas in humans A few months later, the pain returned, so her surgeon prescribed more pain meds and told her to do more exercise/home therapy. Ewing sarcoma treatment options She then went to another surgeon for a second opinion in Flagstaff, AZ and was told she likely just had tednonitis and to do some home exercises and come back in 6 months…another dead end. Endometrial sarcoma prognosis Finally, after some hard convincing from my sister and out of desperation, in September 2016 she went for her THIRD opinion at the amazing Mayo Clinic. Sarcoma bone cancer symptoms Her insurance is not contracted for self paid policy’s, only employer sponsored at Mayo. How do you get sarcoma cancer So, she paid $7K that day out of pocket so far for $23K of Mayo Clinic’s two days of tests in Scottsdale, AZ. High grade sarcoma prognosis At Mayo, she was diagnosed with a very rare cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Breast sarcoma Normally, this is a child/young adult cancer. Sarcoma treatment and prognosis She also found out she has fractures in the hip bone surrounding her new hip replacement, and to minimize her weight on that leg.

Skipping a bit ahead, insurance stalling tactics and Mayo doc saying she needed treatment NOW, she was forced to receive out-patient chemo in Kingman, AZ who have probably never seen this type of cancer. Shoulder sarcoma After her second round of chemo, the side-effects caused her to go to Kingman emergency room, medical statement was $15K(not a bill yet). Sarcoma treatment options Then a week later after Thanksgiving, she had to go to Mohave Valley emergency room, who then flew her immeditately by helicopter to Sunrise Hospital, Las Vegas, NV. How common is sarcoma She was in ICU for 7-days, the hospital for 9-days total. Sarcoma cancer ribbon color We haven’t seen statements from either ER or the helicopter ride, but I expect a new high cost visit record.

The good news is she is now being treated at one of the top cancer treatment hospitals for sarcoma, UCLA in Santa Monica. Types of cancer sarcoma carcinoma We believe/were led to believe UCLA *is* contracted with mom’s insurance, fingers crossed, however it was a 6-hour commute and is very expensive in Los Angeles. A sarcoma arises from this type of tissue We are still trying to figure things out, but we are expecting to have to stay in LA for lengths of time. Histiocytic sarcoma pathology outlines We are hoping she can return home for days/week, however as you can tell from above, home can not safely help her when complications arise.

Donations will be used to pay down medical bills, pay for ADA hotel rooms in LA at least every 2-3 weeks. Cancer sarcoma types This includes my sister since she is mom’s full-time caregiver and doctor translator. Retroperitoneal sarcoma icd 10 If any money is left/unused, it will be donated to one of the several charities mom has always supported, such as the Boys/Girls Club, CASA Council of Mohave County foster kids advocating, , Habitat For Humanity, Cancer Walk, just off the top of my head, there are many more. Pediatric sarcoma survival rate There is NOTHING that she enjoys more then helping others, so I’m praying a little bit of her pay-it-forward comes back her way now.

I’d like to thank my sister Larissa for being steadfastly by our mom’s side, and putting her career and new marriage on hold to do everything in her power and beyond to support, care, and love mom. Malignant sarcoma symptoms Even shaving her own hair in support! You are inspirational!! Steve, her husband, for the solid unwavering support, helping drive all over Tri-State area, and running countless errands. Fibromyxoid sarcoma survival rate You rock.

Last, I’d like to thank all her family, AMAZING friends Donna, another Donna, Olivia&John, Bea&Themis who are unbelievable, I know there are many more friends that have done so much for her also plus all her past/present colleagues. Ewing sarcoma chemotherapy She gets choked up just thinking about you all. Sarcoma metastasis sites I know I don’t have to ask, but please forward this, help spread the word and let’s see what we can raise for ‘Super Mom’.