Maculopapular rash (macular rash) – causes, symptoms, pictures, tests, treatment _ diseases pictures foods that cause hives rash

Macular rash are also known as Maculopapular rash is a type of rash appearing as small lumps or raised growths on the skin. What causes hives on face and neck The term is arrived from the fusion of macular rash and papules both meaning tiny inflamed lumps on the skin. Symptoms of hives in adults It can develop anywhere in the body but is commonly found in the hands and feet.

Severe hives in children In medical terms it is known as HIV rash. Large hives on arms and legs This rash is caused by pre-existing conditions like scabies, syphilis or any other serious infection. Rash or hives Macular rash can be treated after diagnosing the underlying condition and addressing them separately.

• Macular rash can develop on any age group and in any part of the body. Hives on hands and legs Initially the rashes are bright red in color with tiny papules or lesions like structure but gradually they get discolored.

• Often macular rash is associated with underlying medical conditions like scarlet fever or syphilis or measles. Urticaria hives For some people it looks like heat rash on the skin.

• Epstein Barr Virus – If the person is suffering from EP virus it can cause painful blisters on the skin with fever. Pictures of hives on babies This type of disease is common among people living with cancer and largely found in the regions of China and Africa.

• Syphilis – Syphilis is a serious infectious disease that spreads through sexual transmission causing irritation and painful blisters on the genitals.

• Scabies – It is another type of serious infection caused by itch mite. Allergic hives cure Scabies causes severe itching all over the body and more on the genitals.

• Chikungunya – High fever, joint pain and red rashes are some of the signs of this viral infection. How to get rid of hives fast If anyone is suffering from chikungunya he/she may develop macular rash.

• Dengue Fever – Another infectious disease spread by mosquitoes is dengue. What are hives It causes high fever, rash and joint pain and in severe cases can cause reduction of blood platelets leading to death.

• Low Level Of Cholesterol – Sudden drop in cholesterol levels can cause macular rashes. Constant hives and itching People who are taking vitamin B3 supplements for long can develop this problem.

After completing the physical exam, the doctor may collect the complete medical history of the patient. Tomato allergy hives Further, the doctor may request for several laboratory tests like blood culture and urine test to identify the presence of bacteria or virus in it. Hives baby Direct microscopic test may also be done.

Success of treatment lies in detecting the underlying medical problem and addressing it. Pics of hives on skin Based on the intensity of symptoms and causative factor treatment is started to reduce the rash and irritation. Does itching hives make them worse An expert doctor may find out the medical issue behind macular rash and start treating it promptly without simply addressing the symptoms of the disease.

• If Chikungunya is the cause of macular rash the doctor may recommend Chloroquine in suitable strengths for controlling inflammation and itchy feeling.

• IV fluids are started if the person is diagnosed with dengue fever and in severe cases blood transfusion is to be done if platelets are affected.

• For controlling the symptoms of Epstein Barr virus painkillers and analgesics are prescribed. Hives from anxiety The patient should be encouraged to take plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

• In rare cases maculopapular rash appears due to Marburg Hemorrhagic fever in which case the patient has to be hospitalized and treated to prevent mortality.

Macular rash is not any kind of serious problem to resolve if the underlying cause is found out. Hives all over body Be sure to check with your doctor or dermatologist promptly to avoid any complications.