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I’m hesitant to write because I don’t want to add to the fear – so first remember that MANY things can enlarge lymph nodes. Swollen throat lymph nodes treatment A woman’s hormones, a cold, the weather!!

I had pain in my left arm pit for about six months. Painful swollen lymph nodes in neck I felt the lymph node and then the swelling would go down. Causes for enlarged lymph nodes I had a little pain.

Painful enlarged lymph nodes The pain finally became so bad it woke me up at night and I knew that something wasn’t quite right. Enlarged lymph nodes in groin area I didn’t think it was cancer, because pain is not a symptom of cancer.

By the time I got in to see my gynecologist the swelling had gone down and he didn’t feel anything. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck area But thankfully he sent me for an MRI which showed ‘suspicious areas.’ I didn’t have an actual tumor in my breast, the cancer was deep into my chest cavity and had already spread through my ducts and out into my lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes in throat symptoms Even my mammogram was clean.

Two very large and misshaped lymph nodes were seen on the ultrasound of my armpit (axillary area). What can cause swollen lymph nodes in groin From there I was sent to a breast surgeon and had them removed where it was discovered they were cancerous.

During the whole time, I was being assured by my gynecologist and the breast surgeon that they felt it wasn’t cancer – so it was a surprise. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck treatment They felt it was a virus of some sort that had ‘settled’ in the nodes.

I know I just gave you reason to worry and I don’t want you to. Swollen lymph nodes for years in neck Just keep pursuing the ultrasound, a biopsy, etc., whatever is recommended and ask lots of questions.

For the record – I am now cancer free – almost a year now!! I did have chemo and a mastectomy with removal of several nodes! But I’m cancer free!!

Just want to say what a great husband you are to reach out here in concern for your wife. What are swollen lymph nodes in the armpit I can not respond directly to your question, I just want to say PLEASE do not stop asking questions of the professionals until you are 100% guaranteed there is nothing to worry about. Enlarged lymph nodes in dogs neck I had a painful breast lump which my gyno felt was a simple cyst in need of draining but to be on the safe side she sent me for additional tests and my cancer was discovered.

I too think you are a pretty wonderful husband to reach out and ask questions. Why lymph nodes swell when sick I agree, keep asking questions until you and your wife are satisfied you have answers. Groin swollen lymph nodes causes Other tests that might be considered are CT scans and a pet scan (although pet scans are so sensitive they often show false positives).

One point for you to keep in mind…you have reached out to a group of people with confirmed breast cancer. Reasons for swollen lymph nodes in neck Our stories will confirm or add strength to your worst fears. Symptoms of enlarged lymph nodes in the neck Our minds automatically go to that scary place, even though logically we know that there are many things that can cause a lymph node to swell or be painful.

We also know that testing, waiting, worrying, and wondering are the worst part of all this. Mildly enlarged lymph nodes I wish you and your wife peace as you look for answers.

don’t give up until you find out that everything is OK. Can swollen lymph nodes cause pain Two years ago this month I had a swollen–very slightly sore–lymph node in one armpit. Swollen tender lymph nodes in neck By the time my dr. Swollen lymph nodes in throat treatment could see me it was 2 lymph nodes and after mammograms where they tried to include the lymph nodes, ultrasound and biopsies, I was diagnosed with TN bc. What does enlarged lymph nodes in the neck mean Don’t discount any swollen sore lymph nodes, please.

Sam, you are going to make both yourself and your wife crazy. Images of enlarged lymph nodes in the neck What all of us are trying to say is: your wife needs to get those swollen lymph nodes biopsied. Enlarged lymph nodes in groin female That is the only way she will know for certain if the inflammation is due to cancer, infection or perhaps some type of blockage in the lymphatic system. Swollen lymph nodes in dogs neck and legs That is the ONLY way to be sure what is going on. What causes enlarged lymph nodes in neck Just do not ignore it and expect it to go away. Enlarged lymph nodes in neck ultrasound If it DOES turn out to be cancer your wife will need you. Why lymph nodes enlarged You CAN handle this. Enlarged neck lymph nodes in child Others who have come before you have done it and so can you. Causes for swollen lymph nodes in neck I am 2 years out from my last chemo and am doing just fine. Swollen lymph nodes pictures This comes under the category of “for better or worse. Swollen lymph nodes pictures hiv In sickness and in health.”