Look in the mirror_ what does your face tell you about your health_ causes for hives on legs

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the healthiest of them all? If you know where to look, your external appearance may be a window to your internal health. Chronic urticaria treatment in ayurveda Your face not only gives you nonverbal signals about your well-being from unconscious facial expressions, but the state of your skin reveals a great deal about what’s going on inside, both physically and emotionally. What causes hives all over body Some facial diagnosticians can even diagnose incipient illnesses, such as the early stages of cancer.

Few can doubt the stunning beauty of actress Olivia Wilde, however beauty may really be only skin deep.

Hives skin disorder Our physical appearance may tell us a lot about internal health and beauty.

In fact, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have used facial analysis as a diagnostic tool for centuries, marrying specific facial areas and features with organs and emotional states.

So when you get a recurring zit on the same part of your chin or have a perpetually congested or flaky forehead, your skin could be trying to tell you that there’s a deeper health concern in need of attention.

As almost every mother instinctively knows and has relied upon from the beginning of time, looking into a child’s face can provide telling and quick signs of possible unrest or a form of illness. Common causes of hives in children In the 1800s Wilhelm Schuessler, a German homeopath, created a new science stemming from this straightforward means of identifying symptoms.

Schuessler used a probing look – “facial diagnosis” – to assess how a person was feeling. Rash and hives on torso He believed that certain facial expressions, movements and appearances reveal moods, dispositions and disorders, especially to the physician with years of experience. Hives pregnancy By visually studying his patients’ faces, Schuessler was able to diagnose a range of illnesses and choose the appropriate remedies. Hives on hands and feet only Building on his practice, natural medicine has since developed specific guidelines for using facial diagnosis. Causes of hives on legs It is believed that practitioners following these guidelines can quickly and accurately draw conclusions about a patients physical condition and ailments.

It is is based on the long-established idea that many internal ailments express themselves in the patients external appearance, particularly in the face. Stop hives It is believed that skillful diagnosticians and experienced caregivers can read the face for these tale-tale signals.

Before laboratory technology and diagnostic equipment were developed, visual diagnostics was a relied-upon means of finding illness. Hives natural treatment supplements Great physicians mastered this method and were often extremely accurate in diagnoses. Hives virus adults Today, medical textbooks include descriptions of facial symptoms of certain conditions.

Cheeks are linked to the stomach and even some aspects of the respiratory system, so a slight rash could be an indication that your body is starved of oxygen and you need to work on deepening your breath.

The mouth also correlates to the stomach. Dog hives not itchy Where the actual lips relate to the stomach and intestine, the surrounding area at the sides that run down toward the jowls are linked to the colon. What are hives a symptom of Any spots or discoloration dotted around your lips could, therefore, be a sign of poor bowel movements, bloating or a poor appetite.

Bloody gums indicate an acidic stomach, while dry and flaky lips are a fairly obvious sign of dehydration. Hives allergic reaction to antibiotics Cracks or sores, alternatively, suggest a spleen in need of care.

The kidneys and bladder show up on the chin. Why do you get hives at night Any kind of hormonal imbalance will usually show up here, as guys who were plagued by acne as a teen will know only too well.

If, as an adult, you’ve got congestion around the chin, then there’s a good chance your kidneys are working overtime and you’ve put yourself under an unhealthy amount of stress.

The comparatively large expanse of the forehead accounts for several organs, including the heart, the small intestine network and the bladder. Hives and rashes from stress If you’ve been partying hard, all that wear and tear will end up written on your forehead.

Congestion signals poor detoxification, while a red and flaky complexion could indicate a digestive tract in need of a bit of lubrication. Hives fever sore throat If you’ve got both, then your digestive system is crying out for help – a call you’ve probably felt elsewhere.

The liver lies between the eyebrows. What causes recurring hives in adults Unsurprisingly, too much alcohol or excessive consumption of other toxins are going to show up around here.

Since the liver is inextricably linked with anger in traditional Chinese medicine, a furrowed brow is a good sign you might need to work through some anger issues.

According to the TCM experts at ESPA Life, a stronger right brow can be found on patients who are more likely to express anger outwardly. Reasons for hives Those with a stronger left side, however, will have a tendency to suppress their anger.

– Red, Round (“full moon”) face: Indicates Cushing’s syndrome, marked by excess adrenal function; can also indicate treatment with cortisone.

Are you already cursing your double chin? Well, don’t! It means that happiness will come later in life but it will make up for arriving so late by arriving in bulk.

Do you wish you didn’t have “crow’s feet”? Enjoy them, because they show that you can see and appreciate the bigger picture. What can cause hives on a dog It also shows you are not easily fooled.

Do you curse a constantly shiny nose? According to Chinese wisdom, a shiny nose reveals good money luck. How to treat hives in horses So check in the mirror before you place that next bet!!

This shows you have the weight and responsibility of the world on your shoulders. Hives on legs after walking You need to find a way to ease the burden you feel you’re carrying.

Stop worrying so much. Hives skin allergy treatment Your mind is always on the go and you find it hard to relax. Itchy skin hives and menopause You also need to stop taking everything so personally or else you’ll find yourself often feeling depressed.

This betrays your often chaotic and unconventional mind. Hives and fever and cough You can be tactless at times. Underactive thyroid hives You can see all sides in any issue which can embroil you in many unwanted arguments. Causes of hives in babies After daydreaming through your early thirties, you finally get organised and find success.

This reveals that you have a narrow and calculating approach to life. Hives that itch Although fairly intolerant, you can accurately assess the world around you and use it to best advantage.

You are cautious and reserved. Home remedies for hives on eyelids Although you are deeply romantic, you never let yourself become unrealistic in love. Hives all over face You usually become successful from your late thirties onwards.

A natural pessimist, you naturally distrust most of what you hear. What helps relieve hives Ironically, this leads to less disappointment since when things turn out badly you are rarely surprised. Images of hives on stomach Happiness comes later in life from mid-forties onwards.

You like to remain in the driving seat at all times. Hives photos rash Intelligent and oversensitive, you can suffer from mood swings. Why do i get hives You hate being ordered to do things without a full explanation.

You are a peace lover and are very popular for it. Hives face stress You’d rather follow orders than give them. Urticaria hives cure You avoid conflict at any cost. Pictures of skin hives The danger is that your lack of ambition will leave you unprepared for retirement.

You have an amazing face and it is beautiful just the way it is. Baby hives pictures It reflects your personality and there is no other human being on the planet that has the same exact features as you. What is the most likely cause of wheezing and hives So be proud of how unique you are and have fun discovering what your face says about you.

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