Keep it simple– and sharp broken bones in the hand

When you get an animal down, the field dressing, skinning and quartering begins. Remedies for broken bones Each of these tasks can be completed with one knife, and once you know the connective tissues and how to work a knife around them, you can even leave the saw behind.

MANY KNIVES ARE DESIGNED for specific purposes, but for hunting, I don’t feel as if I need multiple knives.

How to heal broken bones faster On a recent hunt, I met up with a buddy in Alaska. Broken bones in your hand It was his first trip to the Last Frontier, so he wasn’t sure what to fully expect. X ray broken bones pictures He cracked open his gun case and inside were six knives, including one with a heavy, 12-inch-long blade and a ball compass on top. Healing broken bones in the elderly I laughed. Top 10 broken bones He didn’t. Ice for broken bones “What are you doing?” I quizzed. All my broken bones “I didn’t know what knife to bring, so I brought a bunch,” he smirked.

We were going on a grizzly and black bear hunt across open tundra. Broken leg bones pictures About the only thing we needed a knife for was carrying out routine tasks, and to skin and butcher any bear we killed. Different types of casts for broken bones In my opinion, a person needs only one knife for those tasks.

As with all fly-in hunts to remote drop camps, weight is a concern with bush plane pilots. Broken bones in sports With strict weight limitations, and given the fact we were going to be gone for over a week, I wanted to take all the weight we could in food, clothes and essential gear, not knives we’d never use. Broken bones heal faster When my buddy asked what knives I was taking, I held up one, a 3-inch-bladed Kershaw knife, specifically their Skyline model. Treating broken bones “No, really, what knives are you bringing?” he asked again.

“Oh, I forgot this,” I smiled, holding up a compact sharpening steel. Causes of broken bones I explained how all skinning, field dressing, caping and deboning can be done with one knife, and that it doesn’t have to be big. Broken metacarpal bones in the hand I’ve broken down numerous deer, elk, bear and African game with a 2-inch blade, and many with a 3-inch blade. Fixing broken bones Using bigger blades than that is fine, if that’s what you’re comfortable with, but if you’re just embarking upon the world of hunting, big, bulky knives aren’t necessary.

This year marks my 40th year of big game hunting, and I’ve always kept things simple with my knife choices. Treatment for broken bones You look for a knife that fits your hand, keeps an edge, and is constructed with a handle that won’t slip when covered in blood, fat or water.

You don’t need big, long blades when it comes to handling game in the field. How to heal broken bones naturally Knives with 2-, 2.5- and 3-inch blades are enough to handle breaking down deer and elk-sized game. Most broken bones The author has used the orange-handled Kershaw Skyline knife to skin and quarter everything from brown bear to deer, elk to Cape buffalo in Africa.

I know many hunters who take their personal-carry knives afield, and that’s great if that’s what they like. People with broken bones Some folks prefer fixed blades over folding knives, and vice versa. Broken arm bones in children Personally, I like a fixed-blade knife with a handle that’s easy to clean of dried blood and gut content.

A VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR when choosing a hunting knife is getting one with quality steel that’s easy to attain an edge on. First aid broken bones While softer blades may dull more easily than hard steel, they are easier to regain an edge on when in the field. First aid for broken bones and sprains Knowing the anatomy of the animal you’re breaking down, and using the knife to cut, not saw or force through bones, will help in maintaining an edge on your knife. Broken bones pictures graphic All cuts are easy to make and should not be forced, especially through joints and cartilage.

Animal fat can quickly dull a knife, which is why it’s critical to have a quality steel to easily hone that knife. Kids with broken bones At the same time, cutting through cartilage, tendons and ligaments can be tough on knives, making quality steel even more important. Broken bones for kids Having a blade you can hone in the field – one that reacts to a good steel – is important in regaining that edge in order to continue safely and efficiently breaking down an animal.

While it’s occasionally unavoidable, try to refrain from cutting through hair and into dirt. Two timing touch and broken bones Sometimes big animals like elk, moose and bear are impossible to move around by yourself, meaning a cut may slice through skin and hit dirt, which dulls a knife. Pictures of broken bones are produced using these When cutting the hide, do so from the skin side, not down through the hair. How long do broken collar bones take to heal To do this, make a small hole where the cut will begin, then get the blade inside the skin, cutting upwards through the hide. First aid kit for broken bones This will help keep an edge and should allow you to get through multiple animals before having to sharpen your knife again.

When your knife does become dull in the field, sharpen it right away, for a dull knife leads to bad cutting techniques, and that’s how accidents happen. How common are broken bones When hunting, I rely on two simple yet very effective sharpeners. Treatment of broken bones In my daypack, I’ll take one sharpening steel afield to touch up the knife while breaking down animals. Broken hand bones pictures My favorite is Kershaw’s Ultra-Tek blade sharpener, a 600-grit oval steel that’s very lightweight and works wonderfully in quickly regaining an edge. New type of cast for broken bones When back in camp, if I need to further sharpen the knife, I’ll use a whetstone or a Work Sharp guided field sharpener.

Rarely do I take a compact folding saw afield when deer hunting, for a deer’s skull – the only part of an animal I use a saw on – isn’t so heavy that it needs to be split, like moose, caribou and elk do. How do bones heal when broken When quartering big game in the field, I don’t use a saw to split the pelvis or remove the legs, neck or ribs – that’s all done with a knife.

Elk hunting in the backcountry can be demanding, yet to break down an animal, all you need is one quality knife and a sharpener, maintains the author, here reaching the end of the trail with a pack string carrying his bull out of the woods.

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