I lost my sh_t when my dog was stung by a bee _ keep the tail wagging red hives

When we adopted puppies, we tried to prepare ourselves for being dog owners. Why do you get hives from stress We read books, watched television programs, and spoke with other dog owners. What are the causes of hives All in all, we thought we were prepared.

Recurrent hives in child And then we brought our bundles of barking, pooping, teething joy home and realized that we didn’t know squat about dogs.

I carry around a spiral notebook to make notes about You Name It. Hives from stress images I had a puppy book the first 6 months we had our dogs. Thyroid and hives overactive Every day I would write down questions, call the vet to ask for a good time to ask, and then rattle them off. Hives and lymphoma They got a kick out of me, I got some peace of mind, and my boyfriend rolled his eyes.

I recently opened up Keep the Tail Wagging for readers to Suggest a Topic. Toddler allergic reaction hives I want my readers to help shape the direction of the site. Natural remedies for hives in adults I write for people like me – you. Pictures of hives on neck My first topic suggestion came from Linda McGrath-Cruz and it’s a great one and brought back memories of my meltdown when our dogs were stung and what I learned. What are hives caused by stress Bee Stings and Dogs

Just like us humans, dogs can have an allergic reaction to bee stings and we don’t know it until they’re actually stung. Symptoms of viral hives We live in a rural area on 5 acres of land and the first year on our property we noticed several hornets’ nests and we kept our eyes on them and the dogs. Face hives stress What we didn’t know about was the bees nest in the ground by one of the dogs’ favorite trees. What could cause hives Bee Hives Underground? Yes! The Sneaky Bastards!

Sydney was playing around, got stung several times and ran to us. What causes facial hives My boyfriend picked her up and carried her inside while I grabbed Rodrigo who was sniffing around the tree. Causes of hives and itchy skin Although I was freaking out, I knew what to do, because Bee Stings in Dogs was a question in my spiral notebook. Underactive thyroid and hives Steps We Taken When Our Dog is Stung by a Bee

• We check the area to see if we can find the stinger and remove it (this is next to impossible, I’ve found, but I try anyway). Treating hives in babies Do not pull the stinger out, scrape it out gently to prevent more of the venom from releasing.

With my dogs, if I don’t notice any difficulty breathing or other symptoms that cause alarm, then I give them Benedryl (1mg per body weight as prescribed by our veterinarian) to alleviate the itching and mild allergic reactions. Facial hives and swelling When a Bee String Requires a Call to the Vet

Your dog may be okay, but don’t take a chance. Hives in kids They can’t tell us how they’re feeling; they can only show us. Idiopathic hives Bee Sting Home Treatment We Use

We’ve been lucky to be able to treat a bee sting like it’s no big deal with our dogs, so our home treatment consists of…(this section has been updated):

• Benedryl, 1mg per the dog’s body weight (if there’s no sign of improvement within 30-45 minutes, please call the veterinarian); I put the pills in peanut butter and put on the back of their tongue.

• A dose of CBD oil for pets to calm any fear or anxiety. Causes of itchy hives on legs I’ve found that a liquid product instead of a chew works best because my dog may not feel like eating a treat. Skin hives spreading I mix the oil in peanut butter and put on the back of their tongue. Thyroid and hives Please note that not all hemp oil products contain CBD.

Sydney developed hives in the area where she was stung. Acute hives pictures Rodrigo chased and stepped on a bee twice; he just whimpered and held his paw up each time. Hives symptoms pictures Lots of love and affection seemed to do him good. How to get rid of hives on my dog At the time of this post, Blue was still a bee sting virgin and we don’t know how a bee sting will affect him.

Update: Today, we have two new dogs, Scout and Zoey. Dog hives benadryl Zoey swallowed a bee and the action of being slightly stung in the mouth resulted in her vomiting and feeling nauseous for the rest of the evening. Get rid of hives on face Scout has left bees alone.

Linda shared that all three of her dogs have been stung and each had 3 different reactions; one requiring a hospital stay. Rash hives This goes to show us that bee stings in dogs need to be taken seriously.

Yesterday my pup Sophie, she’s a yorkie-16 weeks old. What is hives rash look like Gets into everything, anyway I saw she was looking at a bee in front of our door and I picked it up and brought it outside.

A bit later she was whining and trying to climb up on my shoulder, I put her down on the floor and said you were just outside, she went over by the couch and threw up a quarter size amount of white foamy spit. Hives common causes Then went to the piddle pad and pooped she looked sad like she didn’t want to poop there so I said it’s ok honey, I could see it was like jello so I picked up the pad to throw it away and I put her down in the bathroom to wash my hands. What would cause hives She laid down and I looked at her, she was slow moving I said Sophie? She started to walk towards me and fell over, I grabbed her up and was looking at her breathing and she became limp, and jelly type poop came falling out of her. Baby with hives I ran upstairs to were both of my brother-in-laws were, I started crying they looked at her and I said” Sophie must have ate something (she did eat grass just before this all happened) ” the nearest vet on a Saturday 40 miles away. How to treat hives naturally at home One brother-in-law drove and the other called to find a vet opened, then to give us directions. Hives toddler causes I kept her warm and kept like playing with her to keep her awake. Hives in dogs benadryl She made it. Hives on thighs and buttocks The vet gave her Benadryl and something else just incase.

While we were driving I was thinking about everything that happened within the hour and I remembered the bee had a stringy thing coming off its butt. Stress hives images But the belly was still intact so, I’m thinking if she would’ve got a full sting, I wouldn’t have her sitting in my lap right now.

Omg my dog Nemo was stung by a bee and threw up had diarea blood in his stool he rolled to his side his eyes rolled back and hardly breathing. Remedies for hives on the skin I found him under my bed pulled him out rushed to the emergency vet hospital when I got there he wasn’t breathing he died for about 3 minutes they administered CPR And revived him Thank God ! The Vet saved his life this was Truly a miracle ! I lost it ! He was in the hospital for 3 days and now doesn’t remember any of my commands all his organs just shut down .but to make a long story short he’s back at home with me and stool traumatized by this whole ordeal The best Medicine I can give him is love a affection and the vet recommend that I buy A Epi-pen Jr in case it happens again Reply

Ruby was stung yesterday (2nd time). Skin hives wiki The 1st time, she only babied her paw and didn’t use it for a while. Diseases with hives I wrapped the paw with a cloth that was dampened and applied a “meat tenderizer” compress on the site after removing the stinger. Exercise induced urticaria treatment No other reactions was observed and she responded as hoped. Allergic reaction hives spreading Yesterday’s event started the same with me carrying her into the house and was about to apply the compress when I noticed that she was having trouble breathing and her eye’s looked funny. Neck hives She is a very loving Pug, but doesn’t like to be held, so I realized that when she got very quiet and somewhat compliant with me trying to take care of her sting-site, her paw, that she was definitely having a reaction. Hives from stress treatment I immediately took her to her vet and she was taken from me and treated with injections of Benadryl and prednisone. Hives itching home remedy It only took a few minutes for her to respond to the treatments and within the hour, she was stable and ready for the ride home. Non itchy hives on stomach As was not her normal unhappy self (doesn’t like to ride in the car) she still was quietly laying in her crate beside me and I could tell that she definitely not her normal Pug self, but she was alive, awake, and mostly concerned with me crying and Thanking God that she survived this time. Heat rash hives toddler I now worry about the NEXT time. Can hives be painful I must get more information about what I should have on hand in the event her next reaction is more extreme.

A year ago, Thor, a small 8 lb. What causes chronic hives maltese mix ate a bee and got pretty sick, throwing up and lethargic. What helps hives go away We gave him Benedryl as directed by the vet, and he was back to his old self within the day.

This week, he was stung in the paw. Hives and fever in 4 year old We removed the bee by grabbing it with a cloth.* Thor was in a lot of pain, and within minutes began throwing up and was awake, but unresponsive, just standing very still and staring off into space. Itchy hives on thighs We whisked him off to the Vet and they administered epinephrin asap. Hives on face from stress The Vet told us he was in anaphylactic shock. Images of hives on skin His gums were pale, something we didn’t know to look for. Idiopathic urticaria hives She also advised that for dogs, with each bee sting the consequence is worse. Causes of hives in horses A blood test revealed his liver was affected. What are hives in destiny He’s on a Rx to help his liver. Face hives pictures The Vet also gave us a Rx for an EpiPen (jr) in case he’s ever bit again. Itching causes hives I thought, great idea and ran out to get it. Hives urticaria cure Be prepared, shockingly, the cost of the Epipen, Jr. Hives on elbows was $400.00. Can hives be caused by heat ($398. Allergy hives at Costco)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER remove the bee or stinger by squeezing it. Contact hives pictures This injects more poison. What causes hives on face Use a stiff object like a credit card to scrape it away. Hives hives It may break off the stinger, which will eventually work it’s way out. Hives in children images Having the stinger in, won’t cause pain, it’s the venom that does. What causes hives in infants Reply

My dog, Barney, was stung on his paw by a rogue, dying bee squirreling around on the sidewalk. What causes hives on arms and legs We saw it happen, saw him try to shake it off, then I held him as my husband pulled out the stinger. Persistent hives He limped for a couple steps, then started walking normally. Rash hives from sun Suddenly, he stopped, threw up incredibly copius amount of stomach contents (it looked like a far bigger amount than could have fit in his stomach). Newborn hives after breastfeeding Then he laid down and passed out. Allergic reaction hives remedies At 20 pounds and nearly a mile from home, I was lucky that my husband and I were both there. Hives causes in adults My husband picked him up (dead weight) while I called our vet who told us to get him there immediately. Hives neck We ran as best we could, all the while calling Barney’s name. Are hives raised Sometimes, when we said his name, his eyes would open and roll back in his head. Severe hives in dogs When we got to the car, we opened the windows to give him plenty of air and held him cradled like a baby. Hives symptoms We blew on his face and sang familiar songs. Small case of hives We spoke his name often. Hives on the face only Maybe five minutes later he opened his eyes and started panting profusely. Hives due to viral infection He knew his name. How to cure hives in babies His tongue and gums were blue. Autoimmune hives symptoms Our trip to the vet through Los Angeles traffic took a long time, maybe 20 minutes plus the time it took us to run the mile home to the car. Hives on skin after scratching The vet met us in the driveway and immediately began treatment for anaphylaxis. What causes recurring hives Barney came out of it and regained his color but he had to go to the hospital for overnight observation, as well as continue a Benadryl treatment after the epinephrine IV. Hives on babies face Now we carry epipen jr’s because we were warned that each successive bee sting is more grievous than the one before. Why do i get hives when i run It was a miracle Barney made it, waiting so long for treatment. Hives allergic reaction to medication From now on epipens buy us time in the event of another sting. Hives from alcohol drinking The epipen must be replaced every year and cost nearly $500 for a 2-pack. Stress hives remedy We have no insurance for our dog because he was diagnosed as epileptic at a young age (before age 2) and the cost was prohibitive with this pre-existing condition, plus only the most basic coverage could be obtained. How to get rid of hives on baby If anyone knows a way to decrease our financial burden of epipen replacement, please let me know. Dog hives on back I hope we never need to use one, but we can’t risk not having them. Symptom hives Reply

My boy, Indy got stung by a bee today at the park. The hives the hives We were playing fetch and then all of a sudden he stopped and started licking his left flank. Rash and hives on arms I saw the stinger and flicked it off. Hives fever vomiting I was just putting the leash back on and he started vomiting like I never saw him do before. Hives on chest causes He also had diarrhea and was acting drunk. Hives skin infection I checked his gums and they were pale and tacky. Hives pregnancy sign All signs of anaphylactic shock. Hives in children He was breathing fine but started getting hives. Hives skin disease I scooped him up (20 pounds) an rushed the 1/2 mile back home. Hives skin pictures I then immediately gave him two benadryls. Hives liver disease Which is technically a double dose but safe in a situation like this ,and called the closest vet. Hives treatment children By the time we got there he was much better and his gums were nice and pink again. What not to do when you have hives So now we have to give benedryl at the regular dose every 6 hours for the next 3 days because the venom is still in his body. What causes hives in toddlers We dodged a bullet this time but I hate to see what happens the next time. Why do i get hives when i exercise The vet said to get liquid benedryl because it will be absorbed quicker in an emergency, and we will take it whenever we go on walks from now on. Pictures of hives rash She isn’t really a fan of epipens for dogs because they can also cause more damage if people administer them inappropriately, plus they are extremely expensive. Hives remedy children Reply