I feel extremely self-conscious about my appearance because of my eczema. _ eczema how to treat eczema on face

Hi r/eczema, I’m a 14 year old boy with severe eczema on his arms, stomach, face, hands and legs. Eczema foundation uk I’ve had it since I was born, but over the past year it has gotten worse, after wearing a wooly shirt that irritated my arms. The symptoms of eczema Recently, I’ve had to miss hours of school every week to apply cream according to a strict schedule, and I’m worried my GCSE results will be affected. Can you get eczema on your hands I can’t concentrate in school because of the intense itching.

Healing eczema fast People in school give me awkward stares when they see my scarred face, I look a bit like Harvey Dent because the one side is scarred and covered in cuts, and one side has perfectly clear skin. How to heal eczema on fingers I can’t wear gloves to cover my hands because I recently broke my finger and need to keep it bandaged up, but I usually wear gloves, which helps me a bit. Toddler eczema on scalp I can’t wear T-shirts outside because people make hurtful comments about my arms. Eczema research paper I can’t wear shorts because people stare at my rash-covered legs. Eczema types in urdu If I wear normal shirts or trousers the fabric rubs against my arms and legs and gives me intense bouts of itchiness. Meaning of eczema in urdu Sometimes I want to cry because I just want to be a normal boy, have a normal life. Discoid eczema Eczema has made my life a living hell. Dog eczema treatment Have any of you guys got any advice on what to wear, and what do do about those people with the stares and the comments? Any advice will be much appreciated.

Here are some photos, keep in mind that normally my rash is much worse, I’ve just applied steroid creams and moisturiser so it looks better than it usually is:

I know how it feels man. Contact eczema on hands I’m 26 and went through the same problems throughout secondary school. Eczema toddler scalp I remember how hard it was to revise or do coursework since concentrating in class was so difficult!

One thing I wish I did was speak to an academic advisor when I was your age and be open with my teachers with how difficult it was dealing with this condition. Eczema ear infection I went through my GCSEs, A-levels and undergrad years of uni without any guidance and I look back and think how silly I was to not address it.

I am sure they can help you with extensions, additional time for exams, extra time with tutors, and even get notes written down for you if your concentration levels are suffering or if you have to go to the doctors. Type of eczema If your handwriting is affected, there might also lend you a laptop to type notes in class during school hours or to take during exams.

In the end they want you to succeed and they know you feel the same way, so if there is a day where you aren’t 100% then they should make it their priority that you have everything you need.

They should even inform your tutors if you aren’t comfortable discussing it with them (although if your teacher seems cool it might be alright to have a word after class).

I thankfully had great support at my postgraduate uni and if you decide to study at uni, you will find the academic support there absolutely amazing!

Thanks a lot for the advice Sam, I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when school starts on Monday. Seborrhoeic eczema scalp pictures My teachers have been really supportive and I have found that being open with them about my condition has helped with my academic progress because they’ve sometimes supplied me with extra work to catch up on, but unfortunately some of the teachers think I’m purposefully missing lessons and using eczema as an excuse, which makes me really sad because I only want to improve my education, not waste it lazing around in the toilets.

Hi, sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. Eczema diagnosis criteria Basic cotton is the best material to wear. What is eczema on babies For your legs, it’s hard to know, sweat pants that are cotton on the inside I find nice, wool irritates my skin too! I find that chinos are probably the most comfortable trousers that you can wear for formal or dressy events. Dermatitis and eczema A lot of the comfortable clothes I find are from H&M and Primark, as they are cheap enough and usually have nice basic cotton t shirts, and hoodies that are cotton in the inside, so they are my recommendations.

Hope you find some improvement. Weeping eczema treatment There’s was a while where I was very conscious about people staring at me while wearing short sleeves or shorts when I was 16-18, but generally now I don’t really give a crap, hopefully you will adopt a similar attitude. Eczema infantil I found that the people you care about will ask you what’s up with your skin and when you explain then it’s a relief and they are cool about it.