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All my research on health, wellness and the prevention of disease has lead me to believe that all disease and health begins and ends within the intestines and colon. Is eczema a skin disorder Now, this is not a revolutionary idea. Causes of atopic eczema In fact, ancient Chinese medicine and great minds like Hippocrates, considered by many to be the father of medicine and famous for the wise words ,”Let food by thy medicine.”, came to this conclusion long ago. Toddler eczema around mouth Why then, is it not a common practice in our health care system to treat the root cause of all disease by healing the gut? That is what we are going to get into today. What are the symptoms of eczema in adults This article can provide you with some of the knowledge on gut health and healing leaky gut that is needed to empower you to take your health and disease management into your own hands. Seborrheic eczema ears No one can listen to the signs your body sends you like you can and no drug or pharmaceutical can heal your gut. Baby eczema cream Only your awareness of the what is actually happening in your body and your decisions to make the best health promoting choices are what will help heal your gut and prevent illness.

By working to heal your gut, you can increase your immunity, reverse and prevent virtually all disease, heal your skin issues, increase energy, have mental clarity and increased focus, improve your mood and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, speed up your digestion and elimination, increase wound healing ability, reduce signs of aging and much more.

Why do you get eczema on your hands There are so many benefits to healing your gut, if you have any question and would like to know more please leave your comments down below in the comment box and I will tackle those specific topics in a separate article.

Now let’s get into what exactly “the gut” is. Eczema description Your gut technically begins with your mouth. Eczema skin infection pictures Whenever your begin chewing food you are starting up the process of food break down and your body starts to get ready for digestion, absorption and elimination, which are the guts primary job. Pictures of eczema on the hands The (hopefully well chewed) food will pass down the esophagus (oesophagus), landing in the stomach where stomach acid will start to break down the food further. Eczema in infants scalp Then that matter will start to move along into the small intestine. Medical term for eczema The small intestine has 3 parts, the first part, connecting to the stomach is called the duodenum. Eczema in babies pictures The duodenum is curled around the pancreas and leads into the other two parts of the small intestine which are coiled up in the centre of the abdomen. Cure eczema The second section of the small insetting is called the jejunum and the third and final section is the ileum and this is where the food is further digested and either absorbed into the blood or passed through to the large intestine. Cure for eczema on face naturally The ileum eventually leads into the beginning of the large intestine called the caecum which leads up the abdomen into the colon which runs across the abdomen and then back down (think of a soccer goal post). Eczema and asthma in adults The colon then leads into the rectum and anus where the processed matter is expelled.

What happens in the case of leaky gut is the small intestine becomes damaged overtime due to a number of potential factors and this essentially creates a passage way for food particles, or bacteria to “leak” into the blood. Varicose eczema diet The small intestine contains little finger or hair like structures that absorb nutrients from the food your digesting and send those vitamins into the blood. Drugstore eczema cream In the case of leaky gut, these structures are damaged and this can cause nutrient deficiency.

Poor diet sustained over a period time- (processed food, consumption of meat, eggs and dairy, consumption of GMO foods containing large amounts of harmful chemical pesticides and damaging substances, refined sugar, artificial preservatives such as MSG, artificial colour, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Aspartame, alcohol, energy drinks, soda and other caffeinated beverages etc.) These foods feed disease in the gut. Atopic dermatitis pictures in dogs They cause inflammation, irritation, yeast and bacteria growth and will slow down and damage your digestive process leading to toxin reabsorption.

Antibiotic use- antibiotics are one of the main contributors to poor gut health and the development of leaky gut. Varicose eczema dermnet Antibiotics are commonly found in all animals products and are prescribed even when there is no infection present in the body, in the form of creams or pills to treat issues like acne for example. Pictures of eczema and psoriasis Acne is commonly a reflection of poor gut health so to take an antibiotic for acne is digging yourself into a deeper hole. Eczema images hands Antibiotics destroy all the bacteria (good and bad) that is present in your gut which is damaging for your immune system and can cause your intestines to be more susceptible to damage. Can adults get eczema Good bacteria helps protect the lining of the intestines, rebuild and repair damage and keep bad bacteria to a minimum.

Consumption of or frequent exposure to allergens- you can be consuming foods that your body is sensitive to such as wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts etc. Eczema related skin conditions A lot of these foods contain mold, fungus, growth hormones and bacteria that is harmful to the gut and causes inflammation in the body. Eczema on face during pregnancy As your gut becomes less healthy, you may find that you will develop more food sensitivities.

Organ removal or damage- because the body and all it’s intricate parts work in harmony with one another, any injury or removal of vital organs can cause problems in other areas of the body. Itchy eczema on fingers For example, liver health is tied very closely to gut health. How to cure skin eczema Removal or injury to the spleen or appendix would also very likely impact gut health. Images eczema The body is one holistic unit, everything is interconnected and it is important to view yourself this way and listen to what your body is telling you.

• Introduce a good quality probiotic supplement of 50-100 billion live cultures to reintroduce and rebalance the good bacteria and microbes. Eczema around eyes and mouth You can find good quality ones in the refrigerated isle at a health food store or order online.

• Consume good quality probiotic rich foods such as raw vegan kimchi and raw sauerkraut. Inflammatory eczema (Also can be found in the refrigerated isle at a health food store)

If candida or yeast are an issue (which is very common in cases of poor gut health), applying a few drops of oil of oregano to the soles of the feet can be effective and fighting off the excess bad bacteria.

By reducing your exposure to harmful toxins that are sprayed on the foods you consume you will be able to restore your gut health and balance out your intestinal flora. Dyshidrotic eczema herbal treatment The harmful toxins kill good bacteria in the intestines so it is important to avoid them if possible. Is eczema dermatitis To read more about organics read here.

Yoga, deep breathing exercises, walking, hiking, meditation, whatever it is that helps you relax and calm your nervous system will help your digestion. Eczema in children pictures When you are chronically stressed, like many of us today are, your digestion will slow down and in some cases turn off completely because digesting food and assimilating nutrients is a longterm survival mechanism. Natural eczema Stress is interpreted by the brain and body to be an immediate threat that you may not survive, so there is no need in wasting energy in longterm survival mechanisms, all the energy needs to be put towards short term survival mechanisms. Eczema psoriasis and impetigo Think about it this way, if you are being chased by a lion (which I think we can all agree is a stressful situation), your body will turn off all of it’s longterm survival mechanisms such as digestion, take all of the energy that was allocated to those and put it towards helping you run away from the lion. Itchy eczema on legs Whether you are actually being chased by a lion or if you are stuck in horrible traffic and late for a meeting, or unhappy with your job or boss, your body doesn’t actually know the difference. Symptoms of eczema on lips All it knows is that it needs to survive and it’s going to pump out Adrenaline and cortisol to help you do that. Help eczema Thus, the goal here is to relax as much as possible so that your digestion stays strong and that your health stays on track. Contact eczema on face Deep breathing and just devoting your attention to your breath for as little as 5 minutes can completely change your body chemistry and reduce the presence of stress hormones.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice: consume a healthy plant-based diet that is free from processed foods (anything with refined sugar, artificial colours and flavours that comes in a box with a long ingredient list that sounds foreign) this will help reduce the effort and energy consumption required to digest these foods, thus more energy will be left over and able to be allocated to healing the body. Eczema is The more fibre rich fruits and vegetables, the better. How to deal with eczema on the face These fibre in these foods will act like a scrubbing brush through the intestines and colon and clean you out.

Water is the basis of all life. Eczema or allergy rash Clean alkaline spring water that is rich in natural minerals is hydrating, nourishing and cleansing for the intestines and colon and it will be supportive of healthy organ function and repair as well as healthy bowel movements which is key in helping you achieve optimal health.

Rubbing equal parts coconut oil and castor oil on to your stomach and giving it a nice massage will help your gut. Atopic eczema face The oils will be absorbed into your system and you will be able to receive their soothing benefits almost immediately. How i cured eczema both oils are natural antibacterial and antifungals that will also help soften the stool. Toddler eczema behind knees For more on the benefits of coconut oil and castor oil click here.

Colon hydrotherapy works by cleansing the colon and intestines naturally with filtered spring water to help reshape the colon, strengthen it and expel toxins that have trapped inside and recycled through your body causing an array of health issues. Eczema hands photos Because your internal body is hot, (literally like a oven) toxins and trapped fecal matter can become caked onto the sides of your colon and the only way to really clean it all off is through colon hydrotherapy cleansing. Infected eczema rash If you think of a pot of burnt oatmeal, the only way to clean off the caked on oats at the bottom of the pot is to let it soak in some water. Eczema fever Same thing goes for your colon. Eczema on infants face picture In addition, people who have consumed the standard American diet through out their life (see above poor diet description) will develop little holes, pockets, polyps, and narrower colon passage ways making it difficult to rid the body of toxins, and these can later develop into colon cancer and disease. Eczema is caused by By undergoing colon hydrotherapy even as little as once a year, you can help heal your colon and keep it clean of excess toxins that can leak back into the body.