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If ever there is a great treatment for warts and skin Tags , it lies with homeopathic Remedies . Cure hives forever The first thing that strikes me as I write about homeopathic treatment for warts is a case of a local woman here in chandigarh who is a local celebrity dress-designer . Hives disease wikipedia She had nearly 20 warts one arm and thirty on the other. . Painful hives It was a worst case of warts that I had ever seen . Can a viral infection cause hives They were in nearly all sizes , ranging from very small to as large as A marble. How do you get hives to go away She had tried nearly all forms of treatment ; all of them had failed miserably , even surgical resection had proved futile , as they had grown back within three months and more in numbers . Treatment of hives in dogs It was my third or fourth year in my private medical practice and was very excited in treating her case . Chronic hives cure I really dont remember why I chose Homeopathic medicine Dulcamara but it worked wonders for her . What causes chronic idiopathic urticaria Within one month ,her both arms were totally clear , not even a speck of wart remained on them.

Virus hives This case won great laurels for me in my hometown and very soon had a great number of patients with Warts lining in my clinic waiting room.

Thuja is so synonymous with the treatment of warts that quite a few physicians often start their treatment of warts with Thuja . Viral infection hives treatment Thuja Occidentalis – (Its official name ) is useful for treating nearly all kids of warts on skin ,mucous membrane and even anus. Hives with fever Thuja is very useful when it is used for treating Cauliflower like warts . Pics of hives on toddler It is also quite useful in treating large pedunculated warts . Hives on thighs only Causticum – One of the best Homeopathic Medicine for Warts that bleed easily

It is very effective in treating warts on face or hands . Causes of hives Causticum is most indicated in warts that easily bleed . Hives allergy treatment It is also indicated in warts that are present on the tip of nose and fingers . Get rid of hives on neck I Have found causticum very useful in treating warts on eyelids with causticum. Itchy hives all over body Antimony Crudum – One of the Best Homeopathic Medicine for warts that are Hard .

Antimony Crudum is very useful remedy for treating warts that are very hard and often are mistaken for corns . Stop hives from spreading These kind of warts are often found on soles and hands . Hives photos body There are some other great homeopathic remedies for treating skin tags and warts ; they are Dulcamara , Cinnabaris , Staphysgaria , and Natrum Mur . Extreme hives causes Dulcamara is indicated when warts are on the palmar surface of hands and is indicated when thuja has failed to act. What to do for hives on a dog I have always preferred to give thuja first before using this set of homeopathic medicines. Hives thyroid disease Staphysgaria is very useful for Treating Fig Warts that are pedunculated . Hives virus child Natrum Muriaticum has won me great honours for treating warts that are on the palmar surface of hands . Antihistamine for hives non drowsy Suggested dosage of the above mentioned medicines Potency 30 c in infrequent repetition. Treatment for chronic hives and angioedema Thuja mother tincture can also be applied to warts externally to expedite their removal

I have just read your article on treating warts/skin tags. What are hives caused by yahoo I am waiting on surgery for treating what appear to be internal skin tags, but they want to excise them under a GA and take internal biopsies to check for a very unlikely chance that they are pre-cancerous or AINs as they call them. Skin condition hives I have also recurring internal (anal) herpes simplex 2 which keeps recurring. Chronic hives and lupus There is a chance the two conditions are somehow related.

I really don’t want to go under GA and surgical excision and am really hoping homeopathy may give my rather weakened immune system a nudge to sort the problem out. Hives on legs after shower I have taken Nux Vom for the herpes which stopped the nerve pain I am left with anally very quickly, but then stopped working when I tried the same remedy on a new flare up 😔 . Hives from viral infection I would really like some advice on how to treat the tags/warts and also do you think homeopathy could be used as a prophylaxis for the herpes and if so which?

Earlier I had spent a lot of money and time to get rid of this disease and had used all the possible methods to get rid of this problem including RF treatment and even laser treatment. Large hives on toddler It only gave me a temporary relief and everytime it came back stronger and more vigorous.

I use to take 5 drops after every 10 days. Do hives itch more at night However, if taken an overdose then it can multiply the warts so please go visit a homeopathy doctor and take a proper prescription.

i came across a facebook page with the name “ayurvedic solutions” which claimed to have been removing moles with just a few hours of ayurvedic treatment, earlier i was afraid of ordering their home made product due to doubts regarding side effects, left scars and tough payment mechanism but the admin assured me by taking guarantee for any such problems. Hives alcohol withdrawal since, my obsession with the moles was greater than my fear so i ordered the product by sending them a message on the page. Severe hives on face It costed me RS 550 for 2 packets with shipping(acc to my area), the product truly seemed homeopathic as it reached me, and guess what it did not take more than an hour for the first mole to fall, after getting hard and darkened, the same happened with other moles. Causes of skin hives I used just 1.5 packets and could save the half which i tried on my friend, the same result was shown. Causes of chronic hives in women The moles were removed like a miracle. Food allergy hives on face It turned much cheaper than other alternatives which i was earlier planning.

hello Dr, i have been having vaginal warts since June this year and i have seen a lot of doctors and they gave me a lot of defferent meds but still they jst wont go away. Hives like rash itchy they are now growing on my hands 2, .i am scared they will grow all over my body and might even kill me. What causes severe hives I once went to test for cervical cencer on October this year and my results came out positive, they told me not to worry cause it was on its first stage and so i was treated, but now i have a milky discharge and a burning sensation that somtimes i feel like screeming. Hives on eyelids pictures I bleed a lot, i do not even know the date for my periods anymore. Allergic reaction hives on legs please help me!!!

I have got a bot black wart like mole on my head which is covered by my hair, i never had this mole before but within 2 years back i noticed it. Hives and itching at night If slightly my hairs are parted then this big bad mole shows it looks so bad. Stress hives symptoms I dont have any pain it it but its really like a pea shape. Hives due to stress and anxiety can u pls tell me which medicine would be effective for removing this wart on my head as i dont want to go for surgery and getting it removed.

I am male aged about 50 yrs. Hives urticaria and working in Chhattisgarh. Hives skin rash pictures The problem I am facing is warts in my body especially in the face (around eyes) and neck. Infant hives breastfeeding The warts are not big in size and soft too. Hives on hands stress Most of them are mustered in size and two three in the back neck are little bigger like black-pepper. Dogs and hives As seen in the advertisement I have used BOROXIN ointment for about two months and no change happened. Hives on neck I met doctor also who suggested there is no curable medicine for the some laser treatment can burn with certain rays, and suggest consulting Skin Specialist. Chronic urticaria treatment in homeopathy I am not interested in any unwanted way of treatment. Reasons for hives other than allergies Is there any medicine can cure the same or prevent to spread / grow in size.

Sir , one of my friend have suggested me , Natrum Mur 200, for birth control. Non itchy hives it was suggested to take after completion of menstrual period for three days with the ratio of 5 drops/day in a glass of water. Anxiety hives rash What do u think it is appropriate for family planning and dosage recommended is accurate?

Secondly, i am using thuja 200 for warts removing and i found good results but major wart which is big one at peritoneum area is still existing. Facial hives from stress its a pine shaped wart and how long should i continue this treatment as already i have completed one and half month @ 15 drops twice a day ?

Undersigned is facing wart problem, which are since last 5 years on my chicks and one wart is at my lower lip, which are not being removed permanently. Hives in dogs stress I have already used thuja 1M liquid for two months on weekly basis, causticum 30 C for so many months. Stress hives I have also used antim crud 30 C for 2 months, which has resulted that warts of my chick were disappeared, but wart of lip could not be dispear. Hives stress Thus I again change the medicine and started Causticum 1 m on weekly basis and Nit. Hives on face and chest Acid 30 (tds) for last 15 days, but no warts on my face have again appeared and wart of lip is also as it is.

My name is Rahul and I am 29 years old. New treatment for chronic hives I have a wart on my forehead which is very hard and now skin colour(earlier was brownish). Peanut allergy hives on face I used podowart paint on it as was prescribed by a doctor here. Hives chronic I used it for 2 months and had no idea that it could be contagious. Eczema hives treatment I treated the wart for almost 8 weeks and the wart completely vanished. Why do i get hives everyday 3 days after that I realised that the skin in that area doesn’t look like it’s healing rather it went white. Severe hives allergic reaction So, it started coming back and because I was scratching my head a lot in that period I got another one in my head which is like cauliflower and is brown in colour. Hives symptoms causes This one is bigger than the forehead. Hives on lower legs only Now I am taking homeopathic medicine only from one of the famous doctors here who has told me to completely not use podowart and leave it with him. Hives on palms of hands and soles of feet It’s exact 4 weeks of his treatment but I see no improvement. Diseases that cause hives in adults What should I do, I am getting depressed because of this and I am getting weird dreams on this issue. Severe hives in adults I am worried I might get in depression as this is really effecting my personal and professional life coz of the stress I am in.

I want to ask u if u could help me and tell me the approx time it takes to get rid of this disease. How do you get hives from stress Also, I read that these warts happens to those who have weak immune system. What is hives and what causes it I am a well built guy and I go to gym every day, so can I also have a weaker immune system or it can happen to anyone.

Also, just to let you know, the wart on my forehead is half in size after using podowart. Hives and angioedema photos It’s been 4 weeks now when I last applied pods wart on it. Hives toddlers So, is it that it is slowly growing or is it possible that the wart could get smaller by using podowart.

Lastly how cum both my warts are completely different in appearance. Hives causes food Forehead one is round, rock hard but smooth from top and is skin colour. Causes for chronic hives But the one inside my head is bigger has a weird shape and has got dead skin coming out of it.

I am suffering from lpp skin problem from 2 years. Hives on skin when cold I consulted number of doctors. What to do for hives itching i use lot of medicines but no use, actully my skin colour is pure white when this problem came for me my face is totally black and black spots on my neck and arms .i feel incomfortable from this face .I used sunscreen lotions , tryses home care kit,tryses yellow peel kit but no use day by day I feel disappoint from this. Hives on head one doctor told to me this problem came for me the reason is rays and kumkum . How to get rid of hives on hands sir I hope u can give best suggestion for me .and u told to me sir it is a recover problem or not.

My four year old son has approximately 40 warts. Chronic hives on face They start from his upper arm, right side of body, groin, leg and behind right knee. Chronic urticaria hives I have been using nelsons thuja 30c, 2 pilutes four times a day for about eight weeks as well as bye wart and recently purchased a thuja cream as sometimes my son complains of the buy wart burning.

They can often be sore and they upset him. Stop hives itching home remedies My other son is almost three and he has two very small ones just below his pant line, I have been giving him thuja 30 for the same amount of time and his have shrunk but haven’t changed in the last few weeks.

I am suffering from a skin coloured growth on my nose since nearly 5 yrs now. Itchy hives all over First it was just a small bump and now it has grown a little bigger and also they have increased from 1 to 4or 5 now. Why do you get hives I visited many doctors but no one could give me a solution. Hives on dogs face Some say it is inflammation of the oil glands, some rhinophyma, some doctors say only nose job will cure it, while some say there is no cure just live with it.

Is there any medicine in homoepathy for it. Hives alcohol I can send you some pictures of the same if you give me your email id , so that you can get an idea. How to treat hives in dogs I have researched the net and I felt it is like nodules on your nose. Liver disease hives It does not pain, no pus, just that it is there all the time.

My nose shape is getting slightly bigger by developing small skin coloured bumps, which are increasing with the passage of time for the last 2 years. Urticaria hives pictures Doctors say it is acne rosecia and tried different creams which didn’t work and now he had given me to try topical treatment (antibiotics). Hives nhs At the same time I developed itch on my face in the eyes, in the hair of my eye bros, in my head hairs, ear lobs.

I had hepatitis C, which was treated 7 years ago with interferon and ribaviron for 6 months and cleared the virus. Itchy hives on face and neck I get it blood tests checked every after 6 months and it’s still negative.

My head hair are getting thin and loosing day by day. Anxiety hives on chest I have got a dry patch in the middle of head about of 2 inches and followed by 4 other dry patches of around 1/2 inches.

I m constipated as well, when passing stool bad smell comes and sometimes I feel that my bowel didn’t empty completely which causes bad smell farts and when I sneeze bad smell comes out from mouth.

I am female and 36 years of age. Acute hives symptoms Have got this pimple like small wart on forehead which would not disappear and consulted dematologist who said its wart and is viarl infection. Autoimmune hives and swelling Treated it with laser in year 2012. Grass allergy hives treatment Again after few months, have developed two more very thin and skin cloured warts and going to get treated through laser.

I wish to get rid of this problem once and for all through your treatment if there is any effctive treatment which will eliminate this probleme complately.

I really need your help on choosing on which homeopethic medicine to use. Pressure hives symptoms I’m not sure if these are warts or something else but they are like these black dots which look like someone jus put a black dot with a marker. What to do for hives that itch They don’t stick out so they are smooth. Red hives on baby face If you email me I can send a picture too. Stress hives on legs I have like 5 on my face and 4 on my neck. What causes hives in dogs I got them in the last 3-4 years and didn’t really care but now I’m getting worried cuz they look ugly. Hives allergy test I hope to hear from you ASAP so I can start with the medicine. Hives torso Thanks for your time 🙂