Hives on soles of feet can nerves cause hives and itching

Occasionally, and with unknown cause, I develop painful, debilitating hives on the soles of my feet. Rash or hives on body The problematic skin hives almost always occur in the arches or balls of my feet, and when they occur, walking is too painful. What can you do for itchy hives The hives on the soles of my feet usually resolve themselves in about 24 hours, but as you can imagine, being lame for almost 24 hours is quite an interruption in my life.

Hives urticaria causes As a result of what I am experiencing I have a question – does anyone else out there suffer similarly, and if so, have you found anything – especially something over the counter (OTC) – that significantly diminishes the pain of the skin hives or speeds up the healing?

In my own personal experience with dermatographism and reading many submissions from dermatographism sufferers on this website, I cannot remember hives on the soles of feet being specifically mentioned as a dermatographism symptom or problem. Treatment for hives in dogs From a logical perspective, the soles of the feet are regularly subjected to pressure being applied to them, especially when walking or standing. Internal disease causing hives Therefore, it makes perfect sense that if you have the dermatographism skin problem, which means that hives or welts form with applied pressure, then hives forming on the soles of the feet should not be that unusual. Antihistamine for hives australia What is unusual is that I have not heard about the soles of the feet being affected too often. Reasons for hives breakout However, everyone is different and perhaps it just affects you in this way. Chronic hives urticaria Does the skin on other parts of your body form welts with applied pressure?

Treatment depends on whether you actually have dermatographism or not. Antihistamine for hives on face I would first recommend a visit to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Images hives rash Over the counter medications to treat dermatographism involve the use of antihistamines, but getting the dosage and type of antihistamine correct for your condition requires the expertise of a doctor. What cures hives fast Often a higher dose than available over the counter will be required. What is hives caused from One tip to note is that dermatographism hives are often worse with heat and may actually form with heat. Pediatric hives photos Therefore, keeping your feet cool and wearing well ventilated footwear may help reduce the hives on the soles of your feet or may at least make the reaction less severe.

The presence of hives on the soles of the feet is more common than you think. Virus causing hives in toddler I suffer (and I mean really suffer) from Delayed Pressure Urticaria (DPU), which means that I get welts on the skin of any part of the body that I have put pressure on earlier in the day. Virus hives fever For example, under my bra or the waistband of tight clothing are areas that are commonly affected. Are hives serious Also, if I squeeze out a mop or sweep up the welts appear on my palms of my hands or if sit for too long on a hard chair welts appear on my buttocks. Types of hives images With me the welts can appear any time from a couple of hours to the next day after the pressure was applied to my skin. Hives not itchy They are most painful and last longer on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Relief for hives rash Causes for the hives on the soles can be anything from wearing new shoes, wearing high heels or even stepping onto a ladder.

The problem is that when you manage to get an appointment with the doctor the hives have usually disappeared and so in my case I took photographs to show the doctor and also my GP had heard of this type of welts but told me there was no cure. Hives caused by viral infection I have tried every antihistamine available but they only ease the symptoms and do not prevent them from reoccurring. Pictures of hives on dogs skin Antihistamines are not a cure. Alcohol hives I heard that oral steroids may help but at this stage my GP doesn’t want me to go down that route.

The only thing is to try to protect yourself from pressure on the skin by wearing gloves for household chores and shoes with insoles for extra cushioning and avoid wearing heels. Can hives itch However, when you wear a new pair of shoes your feet will get used to them in time and the hives may not appear the next time. Allergic reactions that cause hives With me alcohol makes the skin hives or welts worse as does getting over heated. Hives reaction I am currently keeping a diary to see if there are any trigger points that I could avoid and the GP has just prescribed me Fexofenadine 120mg but it is not helping as of yet.

I have read that DPU can last from a few months to forever so there doesn’t seem to be much hope other than easing the symptoms and protecting yourself.