Hives and swelling of eyes what can hives be caused by

TinaH., when your daughter had this reaction, did you administer Benadryl or anything at the point where her eyes were swelling and she had the hives?

Also, because she had hives and swelling of the eyes, two things, this, I do not think is considered anaphylactic. Treatment for hives all over body There would have to be one more symptom in there.

To me, as soon as there is swelling involved, this seems to involve something serious to me (although I swell up each time I get a mosquito bite). Itchy red hives Best wishes! [img][/img]

When she had her reaction at 13 months, I called the ER to see what to give her. Hives condition (It was a Sunday morning and I didn’t think I could reach her doctor).

Mild hives Anyway, the nurse asked if she was having breathing problems, and I said no. What is hives in spanish She said, “Call 911 or bring her in immediately!” I was a little surprised, because I didn’t know how dangerous it could be. Pregnancy hives third trimester So, we went to the ER and sat there in the waiting room for about an hour before anyone saw her! By the time the doctor saw her, the symptoms were practically gone. Hives with no other symptoms She never received any medication. Hives that last for weeks He just said, “Keep her away from peanuts.” I still wasn’t concerned. What causes hives under the skin Then, about six months later (with no epi prescribed), I was on vacation with my family and I was watching Good Morning America in my hotel room when they started talking about deadly peanut allergies. Types of hives pictures I freaked! So, when I got back home, I made her an appointment to have her tested. Allergies that cause hives and itching Sure enough, 4 plus on skin and over 100 on Cap Rast. Itchy bumps all over body not red Thank God she hasn’t had a reaction since. Causes of hives in women I also have to tell you, both her allergist and her pediatrician have down played the allergy. Raised hives The allergist said, “I have thousands of kids with peanut allergy. Why do i get hives after working out Maybe she’ll grow out of it. Facial hives home remedy Stop worrying, she’s not going to die from it!” And, the pediatrician said, “Stop reading about it so much. Itchy rash hives Some people just like to be scared all the time.” As long as I’m venting, I want to tell you, I am so angry at her doctor. Body hives When she was a baby, she had exzema sooooo bad on her butt, and the doctor never told me anything about food allergies, or to keep her away from peanuts until she was older. What causes hives on legs only How was I supposed to know?

Somehow, I just knew instinct-wise that something was “wrong” and my husband and I, already on the road, headed to emerg. Hives on palms and soles They did take us in really quickly, but, by the time we got there the reaction had pretty well disappeared. Hives cancer connection This sounds similar to what happened with your daughter. Hives from alcohol You know, I can’t remember if they even treated him with anything at the hospital. Hives rash treatment home remedies I do not think that they did. High fever with hives However, they did recognize, after going through what he had eaten that day, and what was new in his diet that day (the peanut), that he was probably PA. Hives in toddlers that go come and go I was given a prescription for an Epi-pen right away.

Now, I know that once this happened, we never allowed Jesse to consume any more peanut products or even “may contains”, but for some reason we still felt comfortable having them in our home for his father and I. White hives When I was cleaning out a sideboard last year, I found a peanut in it and realized I had been given a bag of peanuts that we had stashed in that sideboard when Jesse was 2 years old. Hives after knee surgery But, this was before his first anaphylactic reaction.

The kid was FOREVER in my house and they had asked if it was okay if Jesse went into their house for half an hour or so. Chronic hives after pregnancy So, I thought, okay, I have your kid in my house for hours on end, why not? They knew that Jesse was PA.

He came back from the little girl’s house, with the little girl still of course, and he began to act very strangely. Hives causes in toddlers He was extremely cranky and his nose was running. Allergic reaction hives cure I thought, okay, he’s catching a cold. Hives from allergic reaction pictures I thought to give him some Tylenol. What causes hives in children But first, I quickly ran next door and asked them if Jesse had eaten anything while he was with their child. What are hives on the skin NO. Chronic hives rash comes and goes (Yeah, right – you would not believe that I was told later by them! [img][/img] ) Then, within minutes, his whole face seemed transformed, his eyes were swelled shut, his lips were again swollen and turned blue in colour and his whole face was red. Whats hives It was at this point that I called the doctor’s office right next to my home and told them what was happening.

If I am not mistaken, you can stop a full blown anaphylactic reaction if you are able to recognize the reaction as such and administer the Epi-pen as quickly as possible. Hives cure 2012 Perhaps I should be more clear.

Jesse’s last reaction (2nd anaphylactic) was full blown and I believe this was simply because we did not administer the Epi-pen as quickly as we should have. Dog hives I believe, had I injected him as soon as I saw his lips swelling and turning blue, the whole range of symptoms of anaphylaxis that followed would not have.

Also, someone posted above, and I’m sure that they’re speaking from their experience only, as we all are, that they have certain anaphylactic reactions, i.e., full blown occur, if peanut products are ingested. What causes hives on back However, Jesse experienced full blown anaphylaxis WITHOUT ingesting a peanut product. Hives without welts He merely touched the offending pb rice krispie square to his mouth. Hives under arms and groin It did not enter it. Face hives food allergy There was no bite mark on it. Allergic reaction causing hives He merely touched it to his lips.

Now, TinaH., I’m afraid, that by you having answered my previous post so quickly and I was able to respond, in what I consider a more “proper” manner, I think I’ve only addressed one of your three or four questions. What gives you hives Please forgive me. What to do when you have hives on your body I will go back in and re-read your original thread-starter later and see if I have anything to add.

Tina~~My son reacts with the whites of his eyes swelling if he touches peanuts. The hives tour This was our first experience then we found out six months later that it was actually a peanut allergy after three more episodes of the eyes swelling. Chronic hives natural remedies Finally a new Pediatrician was able to recognize it as a food allergy and rast test confirmed it. How to treat hives from an allergic reaction He also reacts the same way to horses. Cure hives permanently We double dose him with benadryl to stop the reaction, but it takes a few days for his eye to look normal again. Describe hives Almost looks like he got hit in the eye.