Energy healing works – read this healing testimonial why do broken bones hurt

In April, 2009 I set off on what I had hoped would be the experience of a lifetime. Easily broken bones in children It was, but not in the way I thought it would be. Broken bones signs and symptoms I have travelled to many places on my own so this solo trip was not exceptional for me. Medication for broken bones What was exceptional was that Luxor is a place I have wanted to visit since I was 7 years of age so this was the dream of a lifetime being fulfilled.

At Luxor Airport I met a small group of English Women who were also making their way to The Flower of Light Retreat Centre. How long does it take to heal broken bones One of the ladies had been given some money by her husband to go on the early morning hot air balloon trip to see the sun rise over the Valley of the Kings but as she had no one to accompany her I agreed to go. Why do broken bones hurt The Accident

On the Saturday morning I was woken by this lady saying we had missed our transport to the airfield.

Broken bone sticking out of skin I wasn’t unduly upset and promptly went back to sleep until she came in again saying they had come back for us. Painkillers for broken bones Within 15 minutes we were being hustled out of the transport and into the balloon basket. How to heal broken bones in foot The place was pandemonium. How do broken bones heal video The balloon was being restrained by about 20 Arabs clinging onto ropes and a lorry appeared to be holding it by being in reverse gear. Pictures of broken bones in hand The noise and shouting was terrifying. Different types of broken bones The balloon Captain didn’t look very happy with the situation and was shouting at the men. Pictures of broken bones I was just listening to my inner voice telling me to get out of the basket when it lifted off the ground. What causes broken bones I glanced across at my companion and I could tell she was feeling like I was. How to deal with broken bones I looked up at the balloon to see it change from a round orb to a cigar shape, and then it exploded.

I didn’t know then but what had happened was that the Captain had taken off against a weather warning and had also overloaded the basket. Easily broken bones disease As we travelled up over the rim of the valley the cross wind had blown the balloon onto a mobile phone mast, which pierced it. Types of broken bones I heard the Captain shout, “You will be okay, Just relax.” I was icy calm. Broken bones in children I felt as though my inside had been switched off. Broken bones out of skin basketball I was standing next to a very tiny elderly lady and it occurred to me that when we hit the ground she would fly out so I pinioned her in the corner with my left arm. How to treat broken bones When we hit the ground I heard my leg break and promptly passed out.

When I came to, I was trapped in the bottom of the basket on my own. How to treat broken bones first aid I looked out over the valley floor and it was just like a battle field. Broken collar bones There were bodies lying everywhere. Bad broken bones in sports I called out for help and two men got me underneath my arms and pulled me out and laid me on a raised area of the field. Do broken bones heal I looked down and could see the bones of my left leg were sticking out through my trousers. Broken bones in football People kept looking at me and walking passed. Broken bones sports injuries I knew I was passing in and out of consciousness as each time I came to I could see that the number of people lying around was diminishing. How broken bones heal video I didn’t know that this was because I was so badly hurt they were waiting for paramedics to come and collect me. Multiple broken bones I couldn’t move and I could hear things scuttling around underneath my head. No broken bones I was terrified. Remedies for broken bones It seemed as though I had been lying there for about an hour or more. How to heal broken bones faster I know now that the only people left on the field besides myself, were the dead. Broken bones in your hand I can’t remember much of the 10 days that I was in the hospital in Luxor.

My head and neck were put into something resembling a medieval scolds bridle as they discovered I had two broken vertebrae in my neck. X ray broken bones pictures I won’t go into detail of the trying time I had in the hospital there – only to advise you don’t be taken ill if you visit Luxor! Eventually I was put onto a life support machine and flown back by Medicare to the UK. Healing broken bones in the elderly Two handsome German Medics and a private Lear Jet and I can’t remember the trip. Top 10 broken bones What a waste! 26 Broken Bones

My first two weeks in the UK were at a Hospital out of my home area in an intensive nursing unit. Ice for broken bones It was here that I learned the full extent of my injuries. All my broken bones I had broken collar bones, multiple broken ribs, two vertebrae broken in my neck, 5 broken in my back including an unstable fracture of the L1, a cracked pelvis and a shattered left leg and foot. Broken leg bones pictures The other problem was that they still couldn’t get my oxygen levels up and stable. Different types of casts for broken bones My left leg was put into an external fixator, which eased the pain considerably then I was moved to a hospital in my home area and here I was put in the care of three specialists. Broken bones in sports I was told that because it was so long since the accident that my vertebrae had already started to soften in the areas that had needed surgery to repair. Broken bones heal faster The only course of action was that I would have to lie perfectly still for at least 12 weeks and pray the bones repaired correctly. Treating broken bones The specialist said, “It’s up to you. Causes of broken bones If you want to walk again you do as your told.” My Healing Journey

My parents were worried because they knew what a full life I had and how I was always busy. Broken metacarpal bones in the hand They were convinced I wouldn’t be able to keep still. Fixing broken bones I couldn’t have a TV in my room but the wall in front of my bed was plastered with over 130 cards from family, friends and well wishers, so I kept my mind occupied trying to recall who had sent each one. Treatment for broken bones When the pain got unbearable I started with the card at the top left of the wall and worked my way along the rows. How to heal broken bones naturally While I was doing this one day, not even being allowed to lift my arms up, I remembered an incident when Michael D’Alton had dislocated his shoulder and he refused to go to hospital having faith in the power of the healing system he teaches. Most broken bones I thought this is where I stand up and be counted (Figuratively speaking at that time!). People with broken bones I tell everyone how great Bio-Energy Healing is, I work with it for the benefit of other people, now I must work with it for myself. Broken arm bones in children As soon as I got a plan in my mind it was as though I had switched off all the Poor Me thoughts and felt positive that I would get well. First aid broken bones I had something to aim for – walking out of the room under my own steam.

I started channelling energy from the top of my head down my spine three times a day. First aid for broken bones and sprains My healer friends around the world were sending me messages telling me they were arranging healing circles to support me. Broken bones pictures graphic Lovely Liz in London contacted me and kept my spirits up with her messages informing me my friends were sending me energy each day. Kids with broken bones I know that the love and spiritual help I received from those dedicated, caring people pulled me through those very dark days.

When I thought things couldn’t get worse, they did. Broken bones for kids I contracted MRSA in the wound on the top of my head. Two timing touch and broken bones It was a pretty scary time but I asked everyone to concentrate on the bug being obliterated. Pictures of broken bones are produced using these It took nearly three weeks but it went. How long do broken collar bones take to heal I now have a lovely crescent moon shaped indentation across my back brow chakra. First aid kit for broken bones How neat is that……..

Just as I was celebrating the bug going my dearly loved father had a massive stroke and died. How common are broken bones I was devastated as I had looked after him for so long and not to be with him at the end was heart wrenching. Treatment of broken bones It really hurts that I couldn’t go to him to say goodbye but I have many happy memories of the times we worked together which mean so much.

Eventually, came the day when I was to be raised up slightly in bed. Broken hand bones pictures It was a horrible experience and even worse was the day I sat up fully. New type of cast for broken bones I lasted about 30 seconds before I passed out. How do bones heal when broken After that I knew what was going to happen so I prepared myself with extra energy before the Physio folk arrived. Real broken bones I couldn’t get my legs to move at first and putting any weight on them was unbearable. Do all broken bones need casts The first steps were painful and standing with a metal frame – I hated the picture that came into my head and thought, this isn’t for me! It took me four weeks from that day to walk with elbow crutches and I felt the door to the hospital getting nearer, which urged me on.

The day came 16 weeks after the accident. Pictures of broken bones in foot The Specialist is amazed at how well my spine has mended. Drugs for broken bones It is curved in all the correct places and the L1 is looking pretty good. Do broken bones hurt My leg isn’t 100% yet but we are getting there. Healing broken bones I can walk for a reasonable amount of time but haven’t got to the measured mile yet, that will be done by the end of summer. Broken bones heal I have my balance now and have been doing healing sessions for some time. Really bad broken bones My specialist told me two weeks ago that I could start working in six weeks time. How do bones heal after being broken I told him, “I’ve been working since last November”

This is written with my most sincere thanks and gratitude to all the healers who helped with my recovery and those that instilled in me: ‘Where thought goes – energy follows’.