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Menopause is the time after you have your last period. Because your final periods can be irregular, menopause is confirmed 12 months after your last period. Bleeding or spotting after this point is called postmenopausal bleeding (PMB).

Postmenopausal bleeding needs to be checked out by a doctor. Menopause effects on mood Mostly the cause will be something very simple and treatable but occasionally it is a sign of more serious disease.

When detected early, most conditions causing bleeding after menopause (including cancer) can be successfully treated. Early menopause symptoms age 38 What causes bleeding after menopause?

Bleeding after menopause is rarely cause for concern. What are the signs of menopause in women It does need to be investigated, however, because in very few cases it will be an indicator of something more serious.

In about 90 per cent of cases, a particular cause for bleeding after menopause will not be found. Menopause meaning in telugu This is not a cause for alarm, if there is a serious problem it will be identified through investigations. Menopause cycle chart Most of the time, postmenopausal bleeding is caused by:

However, about 10 per cent of the time, post-menopausal bleeding is linked to cancer of the cervix or uterus and so it is very important to have it investigated. Surgical menopause depression Treating post menopause bleeding

• look at the inside of your vagina and cervix using special tongs (called a speculum). When does menopause start after a total hysterectomy At the same time, they may take a tiny sample of your cervix for testing (called a Pap test).

• Atrophic vaginitis and thinning of the endometrium are usually treated with drugs that work like the hormone oestrogen. Definition of menopause in psychology These can come as a tablet, vaginal gel or creams, skin patches, or a soft flexible ring which is put inside your vagina and slowly releases the medication.

• Polyps are usually removed with surgery. Early onset menopause causes Depending on their size and location, they may be removed in a day clinic using a local anaesthetic or you may need to go to hospital to have a general anaesthetic.

• Thickening of the endometrium is usually treated with medications that work like the hormone progesterone and/or surgery to remove the thickening.

• An ultrasound of your pelvis to get a picture of your cervix, uterus, endometrium and ovaries. Symptoms of menopause onset uk An external ultrasound is a small hand held device (called a transducer) that the doctor will move over you belly. Age menopause An internal ultrasound is a small wand that the doctor inserts into your vagina to get a better image of your cervix and uterus.

• A pipelle test to take and test a sample or biopsy of your endometrium. What age does female menopause start This can be done without anaesthetic in a day clinic with a thin tube (or pipelle) which is put into your uterus (through your vagina) and gently sucks up a small sample of cells.

• A hysteroscopy to take photos of your cervix, uterus and endometrium. Menopause depression A sample or biopsy of your endometrium may also be taken for testing. What age does menopause start after a hysterectomy A hysteroscopy involves putting a long, narrow instrument (called a hysteroscope) into your uterus through your vagina. Menopause 2014 It can be done under local or general anaesthetic.

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