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DS started breaking out in hives after I BF him around 4m of age. Hiv hives Sometimes he would break out all over his little body I felt like I was poisoning him from the inside, it was a dreadful feeling. Skin hives remedy He had terrible eczema from 8 weeks of age (and I do mean *terrible*) which was another early sign of allergy.

The most common allergen in young breastfed babies is cow milk protein. Causes of chronic hives in adults I would begin by cutting ALL dairy out of your diet.

Hives treatment adults This is what I did when DS started breaking out in hives and it stopped them completely. What to do for hives in toddlers It improved his eczema as well, but it was still pretty bad (turns out he was allergic to other things as well, he was formally diagnosed at 6months of age).

Going dairy free is tough, don’t get me wrong. Causes of recurring hives There is milk powder hidden in a lot of unsuspecting products. Hives from allergies pictures Breakfast cereals, breads, potato chips, soups, sauces. Hives on feet treatment It really is a bit of a dietary overhaul. Hives on thighs at night Avoid goat’s milk as a substitute as the proteins in goat’s and cow’s milk are quite similar and there is usually cross-reactivity.

The paediatric allergist we saw said it takes two weeks for allergens to clear your system, so I would give it at least that long. Different types of insect hives DS’s hives stopped within a couple of days and his eczema took a couple of weeks to improve, although as I said it was still pretty bad due to his other allergies.

Breastmilk is still theoretically “the best thing” for babies with allergies, although if they have multiple food allergies it can be very tough on Mum to follow a restrictive diet. Causes of severe hives There are formulas you can try if this is the case or for when you are ready to wean, but that is another post entirely. Hives in toddlers home remedies Just quickly- soy formula of course, although depending on your source between 30-50% of babies allergic to CMP do cross react with soy. Hives causes cancer PeptiJunior is an extensively hydrolysed cow’s milk based formula and is suitable in a lot of cases. Hives treatment natural For babies that crossreact with PeptiJunior there are amino acid based formulas (Neocate, Elecare). Cure for hives rash PeptiJunior, Neocate and Elecare are all prescription only formulas.

If I were you, I would cut dairy out first and see how your bub goes. What can cause hives Egg is another common allergen you might want to consider if cutting dairy does nothing to improve the hives, as is soy in a baby who is also allergic to CMP. Hives on body comes and goes The others are less common OR are not usually consumed in quantities to result in continuous breakouts of hives after a feed.

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat. Itchy hives on joints Long term breastfeeding a baby with allergies can be done, there are lots of us here who have done it, but it is tough. Itchy hives face Waiting for the allergy appointment is tough too, I know how you are feeling. Hives relief Hang in there x

You can get Infant Zyertec from the chemist, but he’d only need a drop, maybe 2 of it. Allergy hives causes I used to give my 6 month old 2 drops on the advice of my allergy specialist. What is hives in babies It only took us a week to see him as well which surprised me. Hives treatment for adults We went private though.

Where abouts are you, OP? A friend in my MG got in to a private allergy specialist in Melbourne recently after only a 4 week wait as his consultancy is still relatively new, so the waiting list is not hideous.

Wow, thanks so much for all the replies! It’s such a relief and comfort knowing others have been through this. Home treatment for hives in adults People IRL keep insisting my boy must have been bitten by an insect (who lives in my bra, I suppose).

I did consider the soap/detergent thing, but there have been no recent changes there, and as pps have said, the rash would happen during cuddles too if it were a contact reaction.

I spoke to the kid’s hospital outpatient department on Monday and they said we’re on a priority list for an appointment as we came in through emergency the first time (which was last Thursday). Causes for hives at night Still, I’m sure even priority cases need to wait a fair while. Hives baby rash They also put me through to the dietician who wasn’t there, and hasn’t called me back, so I’ll try again.

Thanks for suggesting the likely culprits – milk and egg – Which I cut out of my diet as of yesterday, as well as the other major allergens. What is hives in adults I don’t really want to eliminate just one thing at a time for now, because the hives are just so terrible I want them to stop asap (my baby doesn’t even finish feeds because he suddenly cries and starts scratching away at his face, which becomes all spotty and blotchy within minutes). Pregnancy hives at night I was vegan once upon a time so I have a fair idea of how to make sure I get the protein etc that I need, but I will add calcium and discuss with a dietician.

I’m relieved to hear that there are also formulas for babies who can’t have cow’s milk protein. Hives stress rash picture Ideally though, I’ll keep breastfeeding if I can.

deejie, what a wealth of information you are! I am also in Melbourne – are you able to pm the details of this new clinic? I will make an appointment to see my GP and get a private referral, I think. Treating chronic hives Hopefully it will be quicker that way.