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As I explained in my About Me bio, cancer is near and dear to my heart. Physical effects of alzheimer’s disease Well, Alzheimer’s disease is, too. Treatment alzheimer’s disease I watched my Dad, at the young age of 58 begin to exhibit unusual, out of character behavior. Effects of alzheimer’s disease His train of thought would often derail, leaving him feeling lost and confused.

Alzheimer’s disease pathology The last six months of his life, I watched him decompensate. Alzheimer’s disease description He lost his ability to speak, to walk and to eat. Articles on alzheimer’s disease He remembered a few people for short periods of time, and then quickly slipped back into his look of chronic vacancy. Is there a treatment for alzheimer’s disease He died last year. Alzheimer’s disease association My Mom, his life partner for just shy of 50 years, had to learn to live without the man she loved. Alzheimer’s disease video It’s a terrible disease to witness, and it’s just as hard on family members as it is on the person who has it. Late onset alzheimer’s disease In the end, I’m quite sure my father had no awareness about what was happening to him, and for that I am grateful. Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and treatment What Is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease causes It is a progressive, incurable disease that affects the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain resulting in a decline of speech, memory, and behavioral changes. First signs of alzheimer’s disease At times, the person is very confused, has trouble completing sentences and gradually loses the capacity to deal with finances and sound judgments. Alzheimer’s disease brain Toward the end of the disease process, the person no longer recognizes family and friends and is incapable of performing the most basic activities of daily life including eating, toileting and walking. Alzheimer’s disease prognosis Most die from a secondary infection such as pneumonia. What are the physical symptoms of alzheimer disease What Causes Alzheimer’s?

Scientists are unable to pinpoint an exact cause. Sporadic alzheimer’s disease On a brain MRI scan, there are usually “tangles” which are buildups of protein within the brain. What are the symptoms of alzheimer’s disease These tangles block the cell nerves from communicating with each other, leading to gradual cell death. Sign of alzheimer’s disease Doctor’s are not certain whether the tangles (also called sticky plaques) are a cause of the disease, or a by-product of the disease. Protein involved in alzheimer’s disease Researchers have been able to isolate genes in connection with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer disease definition psychology Late onset Alzheimer’s occurs in the aging population, but is not a normal consequence of aging. How do you get alzheimer’s disease Early onset (between 30-50 years old) is associated with a genetic mutation. Alzheimer’s disease information Unfortunately, this mutation is familial and may be passed to offspring. History of alzheimer’s disease Diagnosis is usually made according to symptoms. Stages of alzheimer disease pdf A 100% accurate diagnosis may be confirmed through autopsy. Characteristics of alzheimer’s disease Treatments and Cures

As of this writing, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Prognosis of alzheimer’s disease Scientists have discovered through studies that head injuries, genetic mutations, environmental factors and inflammation may be connected to the disease. Alzheimer’s disease definition The treatments used are a series of drugs that have been found to slow down the onset of symptoms, but they cannot replace brain function and they cannot stop the eventual progression of the disease. Alzheimer’s disease is caused by Researchers are working on clinical trials with select patients to find better treatments. Diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease Additionally, genetic isolation of the genes affected are being vigorously studied. The stages of alzheimer’s disease Scientists have isolated genes 1, 14 and 21 that cause the mutation in early onset diagnosis. Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis Late diagnosis may be associated with genes 19 and 10. Alzheimer’s disease wiki Statistics

• Caregivers frequently need time off from work to care for an ailing family member. Alzheimer’s disease pictures The loss to companies for absentee caregivers is around 60 billion dollars per year.

You may visit the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America for information on latest research and clinical trials. How do you test for alzheimer disease If you are so inclined, you may make a donation that is earmarked for research. Early onset alzheimer’s disease We obviously must find better treatments or better yet a cure. What causes alzheimer’s disease Our population is aging, and others with develop the disease, further placing the financial burden on families. What are the major symptoms of alzheimer’s disease We cannot afford this, and our afflicted population deserves that.