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I’ve have come up with a problem and quite honestly don’t know what to do. Hives causes in toddlers It turns out my best friend (whom is also godmother to my daughter) has told me that she just found out that her son is “dealthy allergic to dogs” her words. Allergic reaction hives cure She asked that when they come over that we 1)either put our dog (who is not even a year old yet but 5 months) outside 2) downstairs in the basement because her son cannot even be near him. Hives from allergic reaction pictures I asked about outside during the summer what are we to do (they often come over because we have a pool she said that we must keep him inside). What causes hives in children Now as much as I love them (as my own family) knowing this I quite honestly don’t want them over — EVER if her son is THAT allergic to dogs.

What are hives on the skin I do not want to be liable if they decide to come over and he goes into shock. Chronic hives rash comes and goes I don’t even want to imagine it.

If I am am forced I guess I will have him stay in our bedroom or downstairs in the rec room but she said hair is also a problem also. Whats hives Now I vacuum twice a day and have hard wood floors but there are some rooms with carpeting and area rugs and as we know no matter how diligent we are with cleaning and vacuuming THERE WILL BE DOG HAIR somewhere, it’s that simple and is just a fact of life with GS.

I was kind of put off how how she went about it telling me what to do with our pup, etc. Hives cure 2012 I do understand as it’s her son but there is only so much I can do. Dog hives Bacchus has the run of our house and is part of our family. What causes hives on back We take him everywhere we possible can and he is always with us whether we’re watching Tv, outside by the pool or eating at the dinner table with him nearby resting. Hives without welts I am kind of resentful for how she went about telling me what to do. Hives under arms and groin They are not “dog people” and have no concept about what it means to have a dog and how they become part of the family. Face hives food allergy She is bascially telling me it’s her or my dog. Allergic reaction causing hives I really do feel like she is giving me a ultimatum and honestly with me being full blown preggos I am in no mood for people telling me what to do with my house or my pup.

She said he cannot even be in the same room with Bacchus or even outside???? I know nothing about dog allergeries and am taking her word for it but outside too?? To me that sounds a bit much.

So what do I do? Just go over to visit? What do I do when we have pool parties? I have to keep bacchus inside? I really don’t know what to do?

Originally Posted By: ddIs the child asthmatic? I have never heard of anyone being so allergic to an animal that they couldn’t share a backyard. What gives you hives If the child is so allergic, then really he shouldn’t be visiting your home – keeping the dog in another room will make no difference..

While there may be basis in fact for her request, it sounds as if your friend doesn’t like your dog and is trying to limit her family’s exposure to him.

If such a request were made of me, I don’t think I would be very receptive to it. What to do when you have hives on your body So maybe you can visit at her house, and leave the dog at home.No he does not have asthma. The hives tour She told me that he would go into anaphylactic shock and that she would have to use an eppi pen????? THis is what she is telling me and I am taking it for face value. Chronic hives natural remedies She told me her his doctor told her if you have to use an eppi pen you better have an ambulance on the way or already beon your way to the hospital. How to treat hives from an allergic reaction This is what she told me. Cure hives permanently With that what the **** am I to think?

Believe me I am NOT receptive to it actually and will more than likely tell her if he is that allergic I’d rather not have them come over. Describe hives I don’t want that hangin’ over my head.

Do we have any member on board who are familiar with dog allergies or have friends that do that can give me a quick education into dog allergies and how severe they can be? I don’t know if she is being a bit of a drama queen (which is what my instincts are telling me) but I also don’t want her to think that she is totally outright lying either.

My neighbor’s daughter had asthma and allergies-very bad. Hives on chest and stomach When she works during the summer at a local grocery store she has to leave her register if a person brings a recycle bag in that has a lot of pet dander or smoke on it. What causes itchy skin and hives She’s that sensitive. Hives on legs causes She uses an inhaler if she gets in a rough spot. Facial hives images She’s been hospitalized a lot over her life. Hives from pollen allergies She is going to med school next fall, so she’s done okay! And that’s asthma and allergies.

However…how will this little boy get through life like this? If he is so allergic-I would just want to know what they do-because I am like a 3 year old-why? how? when they go other places? Places where dogs have been or dogs are out in the airspace, what happens when they encounter someone with a lot of dander on them? How are they dealing with all of this?