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A warm hot summer has yielded an explosion of mosquitos in our area, and with the jump in the number of mosquitos has come a dramatic jump in the number of mosquito bites.

Families have expressed two types of concerns about mosquito bites, are the infected, and is it really just mosquito bites or possibly chickenpox.

As the picture above shows, mosquitoes are tiny insects that live on the blood of animals they bite.

Hives on head To make their living, they must slide a tiny tube into a blood vessel and suck some blood out the tube, all without you noticing in time to smash them.

Here is why most people get a reaction. How to get rid of hives on hands To keep your blood from clotting during their visit, the mosquito first injects a little anticoagulant. Chronic hives on face This material has an impact on your immune system, and this impact leads to inflammation at the site of the bite. Chronic urticaria hives It’s this inflammation that causes the very familiar sight of a mosquito bite, namely, a red bump, often with a tiny dot in the middle where the bite occurs, and surrounding redness:

Another basic to keep in mind is that the younger you are, the more vigorous your immune system, and so the more dramatic inflammation from mosquito bites can be. Stop hives itching home remedies Think of how young children can easily generate fevers to 105, but adults rarely go past 102. Itchy hives all over Just so with mosquito bites. Why do you get hives Young children can get quite big red areas from even one bite.

Now, take a look at this picture of the rash of chickenpox, and you can see why it makes sense for people to wonder if their child gets a bunch of mosquito bites, whether it really is mosquito bites or chickenpox:

starts with red spots which become blisters, which become scabs. Hives on dogs face The red spots of chickenpox and small mosquito bites look about the same, really quite similar. Hives alcohol That makes the two conditions confusing to sort out.

In a few days the red spots of mosquito bites are still red spots, or gone, or scratched to scabs; but the red spots of chickenpox become tiny yellow-filled blisters that we call vesicles. How to treat hives in dogs These vesicles then turn into scabs without any scratching.

The other major concern that mosquito bites cause is whether the bites are infected. Liver disease hives This is most commonly feared when the mosquito bites are on the eyelids.

The skin of the eyelid is very loose and capable of rather impressive swelling. Urticaria hives pictures Even a simple mosquito bite can cause swelling enough to close the eyes shut. Hives nhs The inflammation of a mosquito bite causes a lot of fluid to accumulate in the eyelid, especially if you lie down for a night’s sleep or a nap. Itchy hives on face and neck The swollen eyelid has a pale pink color, is not warm, often only involves one lid- just the upper or lower. Anxiety hives on chest The redness of the swollen eyelid from a mosquito bite is pale, not deep red, and the swelling is soft, like a partially inflated water balloon. Acute hives symptoms The eyelid feels a little bouncy, not hard. Autoimmune hives and swelling The eyelid can be itchy, not typically painful, and often there is a red dot where the bite occurred.

When an eyelid is infected, all those properties of the eyelid are different. Grass allergy hives treatment Infections almost always spread to both eyelids, the redness is deep not pale, the eyelid feels hot and often hurts, and there can be pus. Pressure hives symptoms The whole look is more like an angry red, hot appearance, and not the soft watery pale red of a mosquito bite.

One last clue, swelling from mosquito bites almost always gets worse after lying down for awhile, since most of the swelling is simply water accumulating in the area. What to do for hives that itch Sitting or standing helps the fluid move and the swelling gets better. Red hives on baby face This is why when young children get a mosquito bite on their eyelid, they frighten parents after sleeping- their eye is swollen shut! But ofter after an hour or so of getting up, the swelling is much less.

• Chickenpox and mosquito bites look alike early on, but mosquito bites stay looking like mosquito bites and chickenpox rashes become tiny blisters and scabs.

• Mosquito bites on the eyelid typically cause big swelling, but the redness is fainter, the pain is less, the spread is limited, compared to actual infections.

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